Cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon is a fragrant spice which is known for its amazing properties since the ancient times. Many dieters are familiar with this seasoning as a great tool for weight loss. Giving up certain foods to reduce weight, you should definitely use cinnamon.

Useful properties of cinnamon

cinnamon for weight loss

This delicious spice with a pleasant smell and comes many useful elements, such as essential oil, disaccharides and monosaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber and proteins. In its composition are vitamins A, b, E, C, PP, micro and macro elements.

Its cinnamon aroma can lift your mood, improve memory, it has a positive effect on the brain. With regular use of spices improves the function of blood vessels, the body is cleared. It is useful during periods of severe tension and stress, because cinnamon has relaxing and calming effect.

How cinnamon helps to lose weight

Cinnamon for weight loss has long been used, their beneficial properties help improve metabolism and absorption of sugar. Its positive effect to reduce weight can be explained as follows:

  1. Dietary fibre included in its composition, promote soft bowel cleansing and the restoration of his work.
  2. Essential oils affect the nervous system, allowing you to reduce appetite and to calm down. This is important because often lead to overeating it stress.
  3. Seasoning is very useful for the normalization of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. In particular, it helps to absorb sugar, thus increased metabolism.

The main advantage of the use of cinnamon in food, it not just reduces weight, but allows us to treat the problem area of the female body – the abdomen. Every lady knows how difficult to remove fat deposits on the belly.

To spice benefited, you need to choose. For weight loss it is necessary to buy only fresh quality cinnamon. It is this product has a pleasant sweet aroma. No odor indicates that this spice has stagnated, and will not bring benefits.

Sell cinnamon powder and sticks. It can be used in any form, and the spice is stored in a glass covered container in a cool and dry place. The shelf life of the sticks reaches a year, and powder can be used for six months.

How to eat

In pure form this spice is not used. In order to bring benefits to the body, added to various foods and beverages. Popularity of making pudding with cinnamon, baked goods, and desserts, jello and light yogurt.

In order to lose weight it is commonly added to coffee, milk, tea, cocoa, yogurt, drinkable yogurt. The spiciness goes well with other useful products, it is used with honey and ginger. It goes well with rice, pumpkin or oatmeal cereals.

Little dash of delicious spices allows you to quickly break down fats and efficiently to reduce the level of blood sugar. For weight loss popular recipes with cinnamon.

Yogurt with cinnamon

The yogurt itself is a low-calorie product, and is widely used for weight loss in diets. It is possible to arrange fasting days, this is a great option for a light snack to stave off hunger before bedtime. Yogurt with cinnamon is a wholesome milk drink that helps burn fat. A Cup of the delicious food before the meal will allow you to eat less.

The recipe of the drink for the fasting day is very simple. To 1.5 liters of yogurt taken teaspoon spices, stir everything thoroughly. The combination of Apple with yogurt allows you to give it a pleasant spicy aroma and taste, and the spice helps reduce appetite. How useful to drink yogurt with cinnamon? Refreshing and fragrant drink perfect for Breakfast, it is recommended to drink on an empty stomach.

It is important to choose a yogurtfor the diet you should buy a drink with fat content not exceeding 1.5%. On its basis it is possible to make at least a useful cocktail. They will need the honey and ginger in equal amounts, teaspoon water and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Then the mixture add the yogurt and mix thoroughly. This cocktail will give a great start to a new day.

Cinnamon with honey is another great option for effective weight loss. This combination will help to make a flavored drink even healthier and tastier. Honey with cinnamon mixed in the proportions 2:1, pour a liter of hot water and infuse for hours. You can pour it into a thermos or just carefully wrap capacity.

Useful drug can be stored in the fridge for a few days, and to drink morning and evening half a Cup. Once a week you can arrange a fasting day on tea with cinnamon.


The perfect combination of honey, cinnamon, lemon for weight loss. In a Cup of tea and added a teaspoon of honey and juice of half a lemon. This refreshing drink allows you to get energized for the day. You can add a teaspoon of milled ginger.

Honey cinnamon combine well with dairy drinks. In the absence of yogurt, the mixture can be added to milk, fermented baked milk, any yogurt, of course, to lose weight should choose low-fat drinks. If the product is very thick, add a little water. A mixture of honey and cinnamon with milk should be consumed during the day.

Drinks cinnamon help not only to reduce weight but is an excellent prevention of various diseases. This double benefit for the health and figure of a man.

Tea with cinnamon

Options tea with cinnamon a lot, each has its own secret of how and in what proportions, preparing a miraculous elixir. As a rule, for preparing a beverage in a teapot is taken 5 g of spice. Can be used black or green tea, it should be noted that drinking cinnamon tea at any time.

This delicious drink will lift your spirits, quench thirst, reduce the feeling of hunger. If you use it regularly, you will notice a decrease in cravings for sweets.

Popular another recipe of making tea with cinnamon. In a mug pour 2/3 of welding. Add cinnamon powder and stir, then add the milk. It is better to choose low-fat product. This delicious drink will appeal not only to those who lose weight, it can be fun to drink in hot weather.

Deciding how to prepare drinks with cinnamon, it is worth noting that you should not add sugar. Since this spice is aimed at reducing its use. It is not necessary to use sugar substitutes, despite their low calorie content, the benefits they bring.

Safe food and beverages with added spice? The cinnamon helps to establish the metabolism and to address the question of how to lose weight. For reviews, its use promotes weight loss, but in any case, do not get carried away, you need to use the spice in reasonable quantities. Enough ½ a teaspoon a day.

You should remember about contraindications that limit the use of spices. You cannot use cinnamon with internal or external bleeding, as it also thins the blood. It is advisable to eat dishes with cinnamon at high pressure, the temperature in the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as increased nervous excitability. Contraindication is individual intolerance to the product.

How to properly conduct

Cinnamon helps to establish the digestion, speed up metabolism and reduces appetite. In total, it allows you to gently cleanse the body, which invariably lead to weight loss. But it's not a panacea, not to say that you can lose weight using just a spice, and without changing lifestyle, and nutrition.


Advertised diets often does not bring good results, many who lose weight have already learned this the hard way. Multi-day constraints lead to weight reduction, which in the future successfully re-recruited, bringing with them even a few extra pounds.

Most often, the reason lies in the fact that there is a balanced diet, a person does not adhere to the main rules of good nutrition, compliance with which ensures the normal functioning of the body. But everyone has a real opportunity to fix the situation, after learning the advice and guidance of nutritionists.

For healthy weight loss, you must observe basic principles of good nutrition:

  1. The basis of the daily diet must be vegetables in any form and fruit. The number of vegetables exceeds the amount of fruit, as of the last preference should be given to citrus. They contain large amounts of vitamins and fiber.
  2. Drinking regime. The amount of pure water you should drink per day at least 1.5 liters. This is to ensure that the youth and health of the skin, a good digestive tract. It is desirable to use the liquid up to 19 hours to the morning, there was no edema.
  3. Avoiding sweets, cakes. Simple carbohydrates give quick energy that does not have time to leave, and deposited as fat on belly and hips. Of a slim figure in this case it is possible to forget. If you have a strong desire to pamper yourself with something delicious, it is better to prefer sweet fruit.
  4. Mandatory to start the day – a hearty Breakfast. Better if it will be porridge in water or milk, which permanently leave a feeling of satiety. A creative approach will allow each day to come up with something new, for example, add spices, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits.
  5. Should reconsider your diet to replace the usual, but not useful products at useful. To do this easily, the pork is replaced by beef or chicken, sour cream instead of mayonnaise you can use cream or natural yogurt.
  6. Before visiting the store should have a large meal, to avoid unnecessary temptation to buy extra. To control purchases and allows a list of products that you can make in advance.
  7. A prerequisite of a healthy lifestyle – avoiding alcohol. Especially from sugary drinks, which stimulate the appetite. In addition, they are very high in calories. Sometimes you can afford dry red wine, but not more than the glass.
recipes with cinnamon

Food should be enjoyed, but not to make a cult of it. Eating better in silence, doing this while watching TV or reading, it's easy to eat too much. Often you can have a little holidays, and put on the table is not greasy cake and a plate of fruit. A common reason of overeating is stress. Getting rid of negativity to get in shape. And important symptom of an active way of life.


To keep the body in good shape will help regular exercise. Some argue that it is often not enough time to visit gym or fitness club. This is not a problem, the main thing – movement. And you can move anywhere.

You can replace just the trip to work walking, a few stops to walk at a quick pace. A good option to maintain health – walking the stairs, the failure of the Elevator can be a wonderful alternative to expensive simulators. And the usual chores around the house will replace a workout at the gym.

Physical activity during weight loss will help to get rid of unaesthetic saggy skin, fill with strength and energy. It's no wonder they say that a bad horse is not a Gazelle.