Helps to lose weight watermelon – myth or reality?

Watermelon is a very tasty, healthy and refreshing product. Like cucumbers, for the most part it consists of water, but also sweet. Thanks to this property, you can use a watermelon for weight loss. Overweight people or those who have minor excess weight, it is possible to consume this product in large quantities without fear to grow stout more.

On the contrary, with proper diet, and using a watermelon, the weight should start to go away, because the low calorie content of watermelon. As the body begins to be cleansed of toxins and impurities, thanks to the useful properties of this berry.

Watermelon: properties

watermelon for weight loss

Ripe, sweet and crisp product helps to quench the thirst and desire "tasty". However, among people who are into fitness, there is some caution even the side of fruit. This occurs because fructose and carbohydrates in their composition, which can hinder weight loss. People are afraid and think that you fat from a watermelon. In this connection the question arises: "is it Possible to recover from watermelon?". Or is it just a myth?

In order to understand this question, below will demonstrate the properties of this product:

  1. The caloric content of watermelon is approximately 25 – 30 calories. Such a low calorie obtained due to high content of water.
  2. 100 grams of watermelon is 7.5% carbohydrates and 0.5% fiber. Last improve digestion.
  3. Not only quenches thirst but also hunger.
  4. Folic acid contained in watermelon, improves the condition of hair, skin, and digestion.

In any case, due to the low caloric content, watermelon helps dieters to achieve their goal. It can be used as in diet, fasting days and as painless snack with proper nutrition. Because for weight loss need to consume 1500 calories a day and watermelon is easy to fit into this number, while not limiting themselves to this delicious product.

How to choose a good watermelon?

To get all the positive effects from drinking, you must eat high quality, healthy and natural watermelons. Watermelon diet with the use of chemical products definitely can not be called useful. So how do you choose this berry?

There are some basic rules that should be remembered:

  • the watermelons that appear on the shelves in early spring, most likely stuffed with nitrates;
  • visually, the watermelon should be streamlined, with no rotten spots and the dried tail;
  • the flesh should be bright and juicy and not too fibrous. White, not yellowish.

Watermelon diet

On the question: "Can you watermelon in a diet?", the answer is definitely positive. Calorie content of watermelon can be consumed throughout the day without any restrictions. Because of this it can be easily fit into the daily calorie and use as a snack.

There are several diets designed specifically for this product:

Mono -

This is a rather strict diet, with only one watermelon. Using such measures, it is possible to quickly get rid of a couple, the boring, extra pounds.

But, like any strict diet, there is a possibility of the return of the weight. This watermelon diet that provides the right "entrance" and "exit" from it. This will help to prevent the return of the discarded pounds. For a few days and a few days "after" you need to eat light foods and don't rush to the chocolate and rolls.

The menu for the day with this watermelon diet: watermelon and at least two liters of water. Eating 5-6 times a day. For variety, you can make juices, smoothies and drinks out of a watermelon. It is forbidden to sit on this diet longer than 5 days.

Lightweight version

Another effective and tasty watermelon diet allows you to have more free diet. It helps to hold on to it for longer periods of time, not to break, moreover, is more sparing for an organism.

The menu in this diet include: average, not very nutritious diet, proper nutrition. But half an hour before and after food you can eat unlimited amounts of watermelon. In the first case it helps to quench your thirst and be satisfied, and correspondingly less to eat at the table. In the second, rather then bring all the harmful from the body. The last meal should be a watermelon. On this diet you can sit for a long time.

Fasting day

diet on the watermelon

A lot of people know about the practice of fasting days. They hold to reset a small but unwanted weight, cleared of toxins or when I feel that I have let myself go and get fat now.

Despite the myths that from watermelon to recover from such a discharge day will lose weight very quickly. And in the heat of summer, when eating nutritious food and already not particularly like, and ever-present thirst, watermelon fasting day will be perfect and simple. Improves the function of the intestine, excess water from the body. Overall, weight is reduced by 1 – 1.5 kilograms.

Rules for the discharge of the day on the watermelon:

  • there's only a watermelon;
  • drink plenty of pure water;
  • it is also allowed unsweetened green tea with mint.

And a few more options this fasting day:

  • watermelons and melons;
  • the watermelon and bread.

Approximate menu for the day:

  • Breakfast: porridge on water, boiled eggs and cheese;
  • lunch: protein, it can be boiled chicken, white meat, fish steamed;
  • dinner: several slices of watermelon for 3 hours before bedtime.

In between meals allowed to eat unlimited quantity of the product. For this you can thank the low calorie content of watermelon.

It is important to remember:

  • you can eat more than two kilograms of watermelon a day;
  • you can't sit on a watermelon diet for more than five days;
  • it is best to carry out this diet in a weekend or vacation and not to go far from home, as this product has diuretic and cleansing properties;
  • it is impossible to conduct a diet or fasting day, not in watermelon season, this can be harmful because of the high nitrates.

Watermelon diet: contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • stones or sand in the kidneys;
  • a weak immune system;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • child, adolescent, or senile age.

What results can you expect

Nevertheless, what the main effects and the results people get after the fasting days on watermelon or a diet? Of course, in addition to losing weight, feel and other physical and psychological changes.
Watermelon for weight loss helps very well. The main advantage can be called, perhaps, cleansing the urinary system, because during the day will often go to the toilet.

Feel better, feel the comfort in the digestion. You cannot miss the opportunity of losing weight in the summer! The main thing is to choose a good watermelon, ripe, without chemicals... to hold on to it really simple and delicious. And then a feeling of lightness, of weight loss.

The result is one of the important features becomes the psychological aspect. After cleanses the intestines, normalizes digestion, there is ease no longer want to eat heavy or calorie diet, to drink alcohol. Especially in the summer heat. Very well seen this diet that is in the stomach, as it cleanses the intestines. If a few days eating only watermelon, stomach downright "blown away" in the eyes of even slender people.

Summing up


How effective is the watermelon diet? Uniquely so. And it will be a great help for those who adhere to proper nutrition and calorie counting for long-term and effective weight loss, and for those who urgently need to lose a couple extra pounds before vacation or cleanse the body. In the summer of this decision will be a lifesaver, but do not forget about the contraindications and also should not eat watermelon before bed.

Due to the high amount of iron, watermelon is good for people with anemia. It helps women reduce pain and discomfort during the menstrual period. Due to high content of vitamin C that strengthens the immune system and prepares for the cold time of year. Those who in summer, who did a lot of watermelon in the winter will be less likely to get sick! In General, watermelon has many advantages, it definitely will be a great help in losing weight and to refuse such a delicious, easy and simple option to reduce weight just is not worth it!

Is not a panacea for large excess weight and the other, but would be a great option for cleansing the body, which certainly didn't hurt.