Green tea for weight loss: tasty, fragrant, effectively

Green tea for weight loss long established itself as an effective tool in the fight against obesity and hypertension, became an assistant in the normalization of metabolism. To consume the drink should be frequently and in large quantities, and then you will see the result. Today we will analyze mechanisms of action of green tea on the body, and ways to vary the taste.

What is the benefits of green tea

green tea for weight loss

Unique beneficial properties are the features of mineral composition of medicinal product:

  • all the b vitamins, C, K;
  • zinc;
  • catechins;
  • fluorine;
  • copper.

Formula helps gently remove slag and toxins, activate the processes of digestion and satisfy your appetite.

Important! The drink is regarded as an activator of weight loss, however, for a positive result it is necessary to observe elementary rules of healthy eating.

Specifics of weight loss with herbal tea

Mild taste and a light pleasant scent will help in the fight against overweight:

  • it will be easier to lose weight if you eat frequently and drink hot;
  • it will relieve swelling and eliminate the excess inches off your waist;
  • will help to break down food and employ the layer of fat;
  • the best time to drink 30 minutes before eating and 40 minutes after;
  • dulls the desire to eat;
  • minimum rate - 3 large cups a day.

Important! Steep the leaves according to the instructions, use ceramic or glass.

Which green tea to choose?

Many varieties of the usual causes of the buyer to be embarrassed. Your attention recommendations on how to choose and buy the best sort of healing drink:

  • take a large sheet so you have the option not to drink the waste from the plant;
  • packaged version will not work, as the exception - a pyramid with large leaves, but their cost is quite high and rarely occur;
  • the addition of dried berries and zest - good.

How much to drink to lose weight?

The benefit of this drink is undeniable, but compliance and a balanced diet affects the final result. Here are a few tips for its use:

  • drink a Cup before and after meals;
  • replace the morning coffee;
  • drink instead of water throughout the day;
  • drink to drown out the deceptive hunger (but without candy or sugar).

How to brew Green tea?

"Magical" cleansing action depends on how to brew green tea. Most often, a package contains dosage. But General recommendations are:

  • the temperature conditions: do not pour cool water (normal 80 degrees);
  • the water should be of high quality, better treated;
  • once poured the first water, drain it, she will clean the leaves from dirt and dust;
  • again pour the tea with boiling water and leave for 3-4 minutes.

Effective recipes with green tea for weight loss

Your attention to homemade recipes tea, which in combination with the diet helps to lose weight delicious.

Recipe with honey for weight loss

Recipe with honey for all the sweet tooth. Struggle with weight, as if that is not wanted, provides for the rejection of bad carbs, and honey makes a wonderful sweetener. Green tea with honey - the perfect combination of flavors. It quenches thirst and tones the body. Only need 1 small spoon of natural honey. Characteristics of a drink the following:

  • from such a small amount of honey is fine, but it has a lot of vitamins and minerals;
  • honey can not tolerate the processing temperature, so add it already in the warm sea-gulls;
  • honey activates the benefits of the drink.

To brew this drink is simple:

  1. boil water;
  2. rinse the teapot;
  3. stir in the leaves in the teapot, fill with water and drain;
  4. fill the basin with boiling water again;
  5. leave on for 3-5 minutes;
  6. pour into cups, add honey.

Drink ready.

Recipe with lemon


A natural drink with lemon for weight loss has many advantages:

  • lowers cholesterol;
  • rejuvenates and revitalizes;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • gives energy;
  • improves thermogenesis
  • breaks down fats;
  • normalizes the level of sugar.

To make it have the same pattern, adding to the pot a few slices of lemon. Sweeten it with honey directly in the Cup.

Recipe with fragrant ginger

Green tea with ginger for weight loss remedy, known in this world. Green tea, ginger and lemon, you can change and add to taste the honey. Ginger broth has a positive effect on the body: on the leaves of tea - antioxidants and ginger, amino acids and vitamins, it is one of the most effective fat burners.

Brewing is made from this simple algorithm:

  • for dried - add his letters, pour boiling water over and let stand;
  • for fresh - grate the root on a fine grater and add a spoonful of gruel in a pot with leaves, give it.

Remember that fresh ginger is sharp, so do not overdo it with the quantity. Approximately 1 tbsp in 500-700 ml of water. Be re-brewed.

Recipe of tea with milk, its benefits and harms

Green tea with milk for weight loss can be not only tasty, but also useful, subject to the basic rules of good nutrition.

The benefits of green tea with milk:

  • rids the body of accumulated toxins;
  • gives lightness and well-being;
  • improves the functioning of the brain, reaction and attention;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • prevents body fat;
  • solves the problems of the cardiovascular system;
  • regulates the level of sugar;
  • removes excess fluid;
  • promotes rejuvenation;
  • reduces the inflammation.

To use the healing drink did not bring harm, follow some recommendations:

  • applies only skim milk;
  • pay attention to the quality of dairy products;
  • drink less than 3 times a day, and if confused by the taste, add a little spoon of honey;
  • add 60-70 g milk for a Cup of brewed tea.

Be careful, because some people are allergic to milk and there are problems with the stomach.

Extract Green tea for weight loss

The powder is grayish-yellow color is obtained by aqueous-alcoholic extraction. The resulting concentrate is converted into powder and sold in capsules that are taken 3 times a day wanting to lose weight and get healthier. Is this means that just one capsule (400mg) contains:

  • grinded tea leaves 120 mg;
  • powder green tea extract - 160 mg;
  • askorbinka - 20 mg;
  • microcrystalline cellulose, 100 mg.