Menu for diet for weight loss belly and sides

There is probably no more relevant and topical theme for a woman than a slender figure. Although in our age of obesity concerns the male half of humanity, especially those who have "beer belly". There are many myths about how to remove excess fat, including such Exotica as diet color foods, fasting and cleansing of the body with special drugs. Rushing from one extreme to the other, most girls or can't lose weight, rejoicing insignificant results, or bring themselves almost to fainting, breaks and gain weight at a higher level than before. A vicious circle can last for years to come and the dream to get into the desired dress or jeans and they still are.

How to understand which methods are effective

diet for weight loss

Enough to turn to science "dietetics" and tune in to the diet as recommended. Better, of course, come to the specialist who, given the structure, shape and other features, stories of weight loss will choose an individual programme and to advise during the period of weight loss.

Remember that there is usually only following which you can lose weight: burn more calories than you consume. Other techniques based on cleansing the body specialized products, drugs and enemas can give a certain effect, but the result is unlikely to please. The result will be impaired metabolism and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Basic weight loss diet

Regardless of whether you want to lose overall weight or remove fat from specific areas, the approach to nutrition is the same: complete elimination of fat, limiting carbohydrates and protein preference. There are two popular at the moment methods:

  • effective diet for weight loss problem areas: belly and sides focused on calorie foods. To complete the necessary calculation of your calorie intake. There is a simple formula that takes into account height, weight, age: 655 + (9.6 x body weight) + (1.8 x height in cm) — (4.7 x age in years). The resulting figure will be a guide because it will show how much the body needs at rest. To start the mechanism of weight loss, reduce calorie intake, that is, to create a deficit.

Use low-calorie products – the main principle of this technique. It is impossible to sharply reduce calories, otherwise you stress the body will begin to stock up on fats. Within 1-2 weeks you need to come to the result when 7 days goes 1000-1200 g. If less, improve your diet to decrease calories, if more – too bad, can disrupt metabolism, spoil hair, nails, skin will become dry. In this case also need adjustment. It is mandatory drinking regime and, of course, physical exercise (at least half an hour), complete elimination of fat-containing foods. Allowed fatty fish and dairy products to 1% fat;

  • a very simple protein diet, known by the name of its Creator – Duke. The difference with the previous one in that it does not require the constant calculation of caloric content of products, and the ability to eat as much as you want from the list of approved products. Reviews on the diet positive, which indicates its high efficiency.

The method consists of four steps:

  1. Attack when you can eat only protein foods. Duration – 3-5 days. During this period, high fat burnt (up to 5 kg).
  2. Alternation: one day only protein, one day protein with carbohydrates. This ensures a steady and stable weight loss.
  3. Consolidation. To quickly gain the necessary period according to the scheme: one kilogram lost – 10 days.
  4. Stabilization. It needs to be followed for life. It's not difficult. Enough once a week to protein day.

As you can see, everything is quite simple. But it is worth considering another caveat: be sure to drink at least 2-3 liters of water and to eat oat bran, known for its high fiber content. The latter is not just involved in the processes of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, but also leads to rapid saturation.

The principles of weight loss

menus for weight loss

Whatever diet you are not adhered to, should know about the principles that help us effectively lose weight.

  1. The special diet should move gradually so as not to trigger a return as soon as you give up the slack. That is why hunger is absolutely contraindicated, it not only disturbs the processes in the body, but with a high probability leads to failure, and then to depression, a new diet and so forth, that is in a circle.
  2. From diet it is important to go skillfully, increasing the quantity and calories to stabilize the new shape. Ideally, even achieving the result, it is recommended to limit yourself in fatty and in a quick carbohydrates: pastries, bread, chocolate, pasta.
  3. In the process of weight loss very important fraction, but frequent meals (5 times a day). This not only helps to get rid of hunger, but will not allow the body to use the excess energy deposition into fat.
  4. The increase in the number of water – one of the most important principles of any diene. Though water is not involved in the metabolism, but it starts this process and controls operation. In addition to a nice weight loss, you will receive a cleaning that you will delight in good humor, ease, cheerfulness, strong and strong hair, nails, healthy skin condition.
  5. Diet. It is believed that up to 12.00 you can afford and carbohydrates and proteins, sometimes even to give a weakness, allowing favorite foods in limited quantities. 18.00 – act according to the scheme of diet, but before going to sleep for 3 hours – only without the carbs and of course fat-free diet. Resolved calorie foods with low percentage of heavy in the absorption of carbohydrates fillet chicken, Turkey, veal, vegetables, low fat dairy products. An hour before sleep it is better not to eat.

Sample menu for a low calorie diet for weight loss

But a good diet is only half the battle. To tighten the skin required training: abdominals abdominal exercises for legs, hips. Duration – 30 minutes per day. Sample menu:

  • Breakfast. Any cereal, milk, eggs boiled or scrambled eggs. Vegetables, fruits, fresh or boiled, but not on an empty stomach. If you want meat, suitable fillet or breast of chicken, veal;
  • the second Breakfast. Eat fruit, e.g. Apple, banana, pear. As an alternative to dairy products with low fat content;
  • lunch. Low-fat meat products, fish. Vegetables, steamed or cooked. Can pasta. Salads of fresh vegetables. To fill with lemon juice or olive oil (but not more than 1 tsp.);
  • an afternoon snack. As a second Breakfast;
  • dinner: meat, fish, in any form, except fried, preferably low-fat varieties. A little vegetable salad;
  • second dinner – a glass of nonfat yogurt or a pack of cheese.

This is a rough plan how to make your own menu, refer to the tables of contents of protein, fat, carbs in foods, and do not forget to drink water and to exercise. Good luck!