A set of exercises for weight loss whole body

Welcome, dear readers. Today we talk about a serious problem, relevant for both women and men, namely, overweight and fast way of dealing with it. Fat not only spoils the figure, deteriorating health, affecting the internal organs, leads to premature aging, hormonal disturbances and other irreversible phenomena. To bring the body in order to help a set of exercises for weight loss. It is important to understand how to properly train to achieve a quick result and pulling up the whole body.

The preparatory phase

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Before embarking on the gym and performing daily physical exercises, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the process of losing weight. The secret of success lies in the harmonious combination of diet fat burning and exercise.

What can you eat to lose weight

It is important to learn to eat right, it's not one workout will not help you lose weight if you continue to eat high-calorie foods. Menu for girls and guys who want to lose weight and make body slim and fit, must be based on the consumption of protein. The main source of protein is lean meat, poultry (chicken and Turkey), dairy products, eggs, etc.

To combine the protein necessary for fiber contained in vegetables and complex carbohydrates (cereals, pasta durum). The optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for weight loss is 50/15/35. A prerequisite for those seeking to lose weight over a period of 30 days is excluded from the diet:

  • sweets;
  • baking and bakery products;
  • soft drinks, juice and alcohol;
  • semi-finished products;
  • fast food;
  • mayonnaise.

It is important to review cooking methods. Fried food is considered harmful. If you need something to cook in the pan, use olive oil, but it is better to give preference to such thermal methods of food processing like steaming, baking, stewing, boiling. Learn to count calories. You must consume fewer calories than you consume the body. Sufficient standard for each day is the volume of 1200-1500 kcal. It is important to eat fractional, but in small portions. Do not allow feelings of hunger, so you will increase the risk of failure.

To get rid of extra pounds, drooping belly and sides in the short term, it is necessary to maintain the water balance in the body. Daily rate of fluid is 2 litres. Drink clean water without gas, green tea, herbal teas. From coffee, cocoa and other caloric beverages should be abandoned.

The secrets of successful training

The newcomer, who used to sit at home and have a bun before to learn the techniques of performing exercises, you need to delve into the specifics of training. Rules of carrying out of training for beginners at home or in the gym is quite simple:

  • Before any training is necessarily performed warm-up and after hitch (stretching). It is necessary to warm up muscles and joints, to prevent the risk of injury and damage.
  • For weight loss and calorie burning should be to focus on cardio load. Running, swimming, Cycling, jumping rope, active fitness and aerobics – all types of cardio workouts. This load starts the process of burning fat, develops cardiovascular and respiratory system. Cardio – great workout.
  • To remove the fat – not the most important. To have an elastic body, it is necessary to build muscle and pump it. This requires strength training with weights – dumbbells, weights, barbell. Exercises should be performed 3-4 sets of 5-7 reps.
  • To increase the load must be gradual. Choose for yourself a comfortable rhythm of work. Start with minimal loads, do learn the technique, and only then complicate exercise.
  • You must train in comfortable clothes and rhythmic music. All movements should be free, so clothes should not hamper. And cheerful music to raise the spirits during class.
  • Start the day with morning exercises. It will help to charge the body with energy for the whole day, "Wake up" the cells.
  • Breathe Correctly. While exercise often need to breathe. The effort is always done on exhale.

Make a table with the schedule of classes. It is not necessary to practice every day. Let your muscles rest and recovery time the muscle tissue. The perfect solution – workout through the day. It is important not to set ourselves unachievable goals, for example, lose weight in a week. Getting rid of excess weight is a long process and requires maximum commitment. Notice the result can be at least a month of training.

Mode classes

Training can be targeted, i.e. aimed at correcting problem areas of the waist, legs, buttocks, and restorative. Classes will be most effective if you determine which areas require strengthening and swap. To control the results, take a photo before the start of the training, and repeat them every month. In pictures it is easier to track changes that occur to figure. We offer exercises for different muscle groups. Choose the appropriate options to create an individual training program.

For hips and buttocks

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Area priests have for most girls the most problematic. Fats as evil, it accumulates below the belt. This is due to women's physiology. Body girls are "programmed" to deposition of fat in the stomach area, thighs and buttocks because so it creates favorable conditions for the realization of reproductive functions. To achieve reduction of volume in the bottom effectively help:

  • Mahi. To perform the exercise standing up or lying down. In the upright position you must hold hands for support. First, right foot taps back, then left. If you work in the horizontal plane, must lie on side and lift leg up. To perform the exercise for 20 times for each leg.
  • Attacks. Stand up straight, dumbbells in hand, take a step forward and at the same time doing squats. As soon as the thigh will be parallel to the floor, back to IE. Do 2-3 sets of 10 times.
  • Squats. Exercise has many variations. For starters, master the traditional technique. Become directly, the distance between the feet of 40-50 cm, hands folded in the castle. Begin to squat, averting the pelvis back, back, maintain a straight line. Deep squat is not necessary to stop and start movement in the opposite direction when the thigh will be parallel to the floor surface.

For the back

Our figure is largely dependent on posture. In full, as well as people after 40 years, the spine has a serious burden, and the muscles are not able to maintain it under pressure. It is therefore very important to strengthen the muscles of the back. To do this, complete the following exercises:

  • Mill. Become straight, feet placed wider than shoulder line, hands bred to the sides. You must lean forward, back straight, and perform Mahi hands, alternately touching their sex. The optimal amount – 20 repetitions.
  • Almost somersaults. Lie on your back, legs compressed to the stomach and take them with his hands, head tilting forward. Grouped in this position, we begin to roll forward and backward. Do 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  • Basket. Lie on stomach, legs bent at the knees, the hands hold ankle. On the inhale lift the chest and hips from a floor, fix position and relax. Repeat 10-15 times.
  • Snake. Lie on your stomach, legs together, stretched out, the emphasis on socks. Allot hands back, connect them to the castle and raise the chest as high as possible, gaze directed at the ceiling. Perform the exercise 10 times.

By following these simple movements, can significantly improve the condition of the back, to correct posture, to prevent the development of osteoporosis and degenerative disc disease. A simple and convenient option for back training is training on the ball. Performing exercises on the ball can also strengthen the back muscles and other muscle groups.


These exercises can be included in a comprehensive training or run separately in the morning and evening.

  • Strap. Reviews indicate that this is one of the best static exercises in order to raise General muscle tone. It is necessary to take the position of the push-up position, then bend your arms and lean on the forearm. The whole body must be tense and present a solid line. Stand in this position 4 times in 1 minute.
  • Twisting. Lie on the floor, legs raised to the height and fix it. Hands behind his head. Inhale, as you exhale raise upper body and extend your chest to the knees. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps. Twisting there are direct, oblique, reverse.
  • Scissors. Lie on the floor, lift your legs up at a 30 degree angle and run crossing, reminiscent of the movement of scissors. Half a minute left leg over the right, another half a minute on the contrary.

For arms and shoulders

After 50 years, as well as the sudden weight loss the skin of the hands and forearms heavily droops. To give the muscles elasticity and tone, perform the following exercises:

  • Push-UPS. Lie on your stomach, focus on the palms and socks. Bend the opposite elbows 20 times. If the first time get less, don't worry. Each time you will get bigger and better.
  • Breeding hands to the side. The exercise is performed with dumbbells. Stand up straight, holding in each hand a dumbbell. Take a breath and planted his hands to the side so that they become parallel to the floor. Try to perform 30 reps in 2-3 sets.
  • Pull-UPS. The movement performed on the crossbar. You need to grab the horizontal bar so that the distance between the palms was 25-30 cm with a force of hands to pull the body up so the chin was above the crossbar. The minimum number of repetitions to 10 times.

It is important to understand as it takes effective training. Good option – not more than an hour, but 30 minutes is not enough. Before beginning the course weight loss you should consult your doctor and a professional trainer. They will help you choose an effective and safe training program.

exercise for weight loss

Weight loss requires concentration and responsible approach. It is important to have a powerful incentive not to quit a workout, eat right and drop bad habits. Following the basic rules of training at home or in the gym, you will be able to get rid of extra pounds, to get a slim figure and self-confidence. Good luck!