Running for weight loss

It is difficult to find a more versatile tool for weight loss than Jogging. Running for weight loss allows not only to burn calories, and increase endurance and strengthen the General physical condition of the body. In this article we will tell you how to run to lose weight and get the maximum health benefits and will give you the exercise plan for weight loss for beginners in running.

The benefits of running for weight loss

running for weight loss

Running is a costly exercise for your body that allows you to create the calorie deficit that is essential to weight loss. It is also useful to reduce hunger and accelerate metabolism. While running:

  • muscle load is distributed evenly, which gives the opportunity to tighten all body
  • burned fats
  • is cleansed of toxins
  • increases endurance
  • secretes the hormone endorphin that provides a positive attitude

In just three months you can notice significant changes. Begins to dissolve extra pounds, increase muscle tone, shortness of breath will disappear and skin will become more elastic.

The running for weight loss must be accompanied by proper nutrition. Therefore, together with the training, it is desirable to overcome cravings for carbohydrate and fatty foods, the only way to run the "mechanism" of losing the extra pounds.

How to run to lose weight

After the first attempts to lose weight through running do not just wait for the result. Often the workout wear, but do not bring the desired result. You should know that to start the process of weight loss is not enough 20-minute sessions. To achieve the effective combustion is possible only for 40 minutes of continuous running. Then the body uses not only accumulated in liver glycogen (fuel for the first 40 minutes), but will switch to body fat. A high metabolism will be stored for up to five hours after exercise, meaning that you can lose weight even after the workout!

Morning Jogging is more effective for weight loss because the calorie deficit on an empty stomach starts the process of fat burning. The evening run is also good. Due to the increase of the pulse you will get rid of the day's experiences. Do not delay the evening training session and finish it 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Remember that running more than 70 minutes, can not lead to fat loss, and muscle loss. This is due to the rapid decrease of glycogen storage in muscle during prolonged exertion.

Properly begin your exercise with a little Jogging, gradually increasing time and distance. Breathing while running should be uniform and not irregular. The running pace should be one in which you could run and easy to talk with someone.

All want to look good in the summer on the beach. But we advise you not to solve problems as they come, and do physical exercise regularly. This will allow you to have a good figure, but more importantly, a healthy body always and not only when you need to wear shorts or a swimsuit.

Running for weight loss in summer

Exercising in the summer at high temperature increases the load on the body and heart. Therefore, we must still be careful to approach the trainings and listen to the sensations. If you feel that you feel bad or clocked pulse – stop running and make an appointment with a cardiologist. Do not think that in a single run you can lose 1-1,5 extra pounds, if it happened, it was due to the loss of water.

Summer run carefully, watching and feeling the heartbeat. Increased temperature, even in the evening, promotes rapid heart rate. Also in the summer it is necessary to intensively drink during a workout. But for long crosses. If you plan to run, for example, more than 50 minutes, make sure you take a bottle of water. If the exercise is short – you can drink after its completion. Try running in summer in the morning or evening, when temperatures are lower.

Running for weight loss in winter

In winter, the alternative may be running on a treadmill in the gym or on the street. Do not go for a run outside if the road where you gonna run not cleared. In the snow you can run, but keep in mind that this is a high risk area for injury. With winter running is much more effective than summer – fresh air and the cold helps to speed up metabolism, which leads to intense burning of calories.

To lose weight from running you can and from home. And we are not talking about a treadmill. One of the varieties run in cramped conditions can be Jogging in place at home. Don't forget to provide sufficient oxygen in the room after opening the window, if the street is not very cold. Running in place, of course, do not work some of those muscles that are involved in natural running. But, nevertheless, it can be output if there is a heavy rain or to the gym on the track there is no opportunity to get.

Running for weight loss legs

Many people wonder the local diet. Despite the fact that running provides a complex load, weight loss in local areas can be strengthened. For example, if the goal is to give an extra load on the legs and calf muscles – it is possible to run up the stairs. The rise to increase the intensity, and descent to serve as guests. This type of training is best used when you already have experience running, say half a year and you are not new. Early to practice running the stairs we do not recommend, due to the fact that the ligaments and muscles to begin to strengthen the gradual increase in cross-country volume (time and distance), and only then proceed to the local loads.

Running for weight loss stomach

weight loss

The stomach is one of the most problematic areas, which seek to put in order first. Cardio load while running promotes blood flow to depot fat in the waist area, which reduces its volume, and the work of the muscles will help to tighten abs. Recall that the duration of the workout to burn fat needs to be at least 40 minutes. To do better on an empty stomach and not to eat within a half hour after my run. So, will be able to create a caloric deficit which will force the body to compensate for it from the fat depots in the abdominal area.

Exercises for paging press while running

In order to pump the press during a treadmill workout, you can perform exercises – running with raised knees. This exercise can be performed as a warm-up. Such a workout might look like this:

  • Jogging 2 minutes
  • 15 meters running with high lifting hips
  • Back Jogging
  • 15 meters run with a zahlest Shin
  • Back Jogging
  • 15 meter step to the right side
  • Back Jogging
  • 15 meter step left side

And finish the workout, working the abdominal area are five sets running with high lifting hips:

  • 15 meters running with high lifting hips
  • Back Jogging
  • 15 meters running with high lifting hips
  • Back Jogging
  • 15 meters running with high lifting hips
  • Back Jogging
  • 15 meters running with high lifting hips
  • Back Jogging
  • 15 meters running with high lifting hips
  • Back Jogging

Get a great workout and for beginners and a workout.

While not necessary to be overly zealous at the first training – slimming in the waist area lengthy process that requires at least 6 weeks of regular exercise. The only way the muscle fibers will reach a level of training that will allow you to begin to implement more intensive complex aimed at forming a relief press.

Interval running for weight loss

Interval running is a real godsend for those who want to lose weight. His technique allows you to achieve maximum results with minimal amount of time. Before resorting to this method should ensure no problems with the cardiovascular system. Also, make sure to learn what a fartlek and then you never exercise will not be bored.

Interval running for weight loss provides for the method run, when high-intensity running (fast), is replaced by calm Jogging or walking for recovery heart rate. Example workout:

  • 100 meters walk to the active pace (warm-up)
  • 100 metres – Jogging (setting respiratory rhythm)
  • 200 meters run fast
  • Quiet 100 meters Jogging or fast step
  • p 3 and 4 to alternately repeat 3-5 times

Properly performed interval running starts the process of fat burning, which can last six hours after the workout.

Training beginners is not recommended to use interval running, can use a specially prepared exercise plan for weight loss if you are a beginner.

First, you must strengthen the muscles and ligaments. Use the program below in order to get involved, and after 3-4 months I try to experiment.

The training program

exercise for weight loss

Program running for weight loss is made individually taking into account physical fitness, age, gender and other characteristics.

The table below illustrates a sample weekly workout plans tailored for beginners:

Day of the week Workout plan
Monday 10 minutes walking+20 minutes Jogging
Tuesday Stay
environment 10 minutes walking +25 minutes of Jogging
Thursday Stay
Friday 7 minute walk+25 minute jog
Saturday Stay
Sunday 7 minute walk+30 minutes Jogging

This pace must be observed within 1-2 months. Then, depending on endurance and the dynamics of the weight classes, you can reduce the number of workouts per week, increasing their length and adding other exercise.