Proper weight loss at home

To lose weight at home dreams almost every second person, but how to start to lose weight, knows not everyone.

Because of this, the process of losing weight systematically postponed for "tomorrow" and kilograms, meanwhile, only added. A visual guide to action is just what we need.

proper weight loss at home

When there is a clear plan that defines the sequence of the process, it is easier to start losing weight. Compile a step by step guide, and call it "how to start losing weight."

Step # 1. Analysis and self-diagnosis

To determine the purpose, it is necessary to conduct a self-test. This is an important step in the beginning of weight loss, because the result becomes the only guideline to keep in mind throughout the program.

  • Make calculations ideal weight for yourself. You can use the calculator calculate the ideal weight or to base the weight that you once felt comfortable and good. Remember that the ultimate goal must be real, so do not overestimate your strength and capabilities.
  • Make basic measurements of volume of the body (chest, abdomen, thighs). In the process of losing weight there are moments when the weight of "should" in place, and the volumes continue to decrease.
  • Record your initial measurements in a notebook.
  • To make it easier to keep track of your results, download a sign in which you can mark your measurements and date of measurement. (the link leads to Yandex disk, is absolutely safe and free)

Psychological aspect. A lot of people frankly ask ourselves the question: "Why can't I stop eating?". Sometimes there is stress, depression, chronic sleep deprivation and fatigue – these factors also should be addressed. For better motivation, think of a stimulus.

Say NO to junk food

Step # 2. Aim and timing

You did the calculations and got some results – they become the main goal that you can visualize, not to be broken. Make a colorful poster, post in a conspicuous place your photos where you like, etc.

Install real-time. Do not rush things, rapid weight loss leads to the same rapid return of the weight or breakdowns. Optimal weight loss is 3-4 kg per month. Weigh yourself 1 time per week and document the results obtained in his diary.

Step # 3. Counting caloric intake

How to lose weight at home: step by step instructions

Many people are overweight and do not want or are unable to visit the gym. They sit at home and want to lose weight. Yes, you can do at home to lose weight, but to train while still have. But, everything in order.

In General, losing weight at home is no different from weight loss in the hall (because the body is the same) and consists of four components:

  • Diet (40% success)
  • Cardio exercise (30% success)
  • A set of exercises (20% success)
  • Sports nutrition (10% success)

Moreover, these components are arranged in descending order of importance. If sports nutrition can be neglected, and it is not necessary, but diet is the Foundation. We'll start with.

By the way, I forgot to warn you, the topic of weight loss at home – too big to fit into one article. Therefore, this article will consist of links to other articles.


On our website there is a prepared menu for weight loss. No need to invent anything. You just need to follow this menu. Here they are:

  • Women menu for weight loss
  • Men's menu for weight loss
exercise for weight loss

Those who do not want anything to be considered, it is possible to go the other way – to create a menu. But you need to know the basic principles of nutrition for weight loss: 5 principles of nutrition for weight loss. As well as know how much you need to eat calories per day: How many calories you need to consume per day to lose weight


It is designed to accelerate your metabolism and force your body to spend more energy. For example, a girl weighing 60 kg for 30 minutes of slow Jogging will expend about 350 calories. And this is about 20% of its daily cost.

How cardio fit any physical activity during which your average heart rate is approximately 130 beats per minute or higher. It could be running, cardio, swimming, Biking, playing soccer, sex. Whatever.

A very important parameter – the frequency of cardio training. It is better to work out 3 days in a row for 30 minutes, than one day, 1.30. Ideally you should have 4 – 5 cardio per week for at least 40 minutes. From 40 minutes to 60. But in this case, if you are not using a third component.

A set of exercises

This refers to training with dumbbells, barbells and other weights. Many will ask: why are they needed if the goal is to lose weight. The answer is simple. These workouts only need to preserve your muscle from breaking down.

Agree that a beautiful figure is based not only fat free, but when there are sufficient muscles. When you begin to lose weight – the body burns indiscriminately and fat, and muscle.

And weight training to force your body to retain muscle. They seemed to say to him: "Dude, you see that the external environment makes you work your muscles.

Save it! In such circumstances you still need".

Exercises at home to lose weight for women:

And for men:

4. Sports nutrition

This item is optional for weight loss. But sports nutrition can facilitate and expedite this process. These include a comprehensive fat burners, L-carnitine, protein and amino acids. At today's prices on sports nutrition, you will have a month spend about 3000 – 6000 rubles. For more details here What kind of sports nutrition is ideal for weight loss.

Once again, this component of weight loss is optional. But, with proper use, it can be great to help those who are losing weight very hard.


1. As you can see, the process of losing weight is based not only on the same diet. More precisely, it can only be built on a diet. And you'll actually lose weight, though not as effectively. But, first, in such cases the diet should be more rigid. And it is unlikely you will be able to stick to this diet all my life. And secondly, along with the fat leaves and the muscles. The muscles will even go before.

2. Personally, I suggest all 4 components to be implemented simultaneously. However, if you have a very weak physical training, the first month can be limited to some set of exercises without the cardio.

3. The optimal rate of weight loss of 4-5 kg in a month. If you are going to lose weight faster, it means that you lose along with fat and muscle too.

4. If you use both the cardio and exercises, ideally, should be about 5 workouts a week. 2 – 3 cardio and 2 – 3 workouts with barbells and dumbbells.

How to eat to lose weight

eating for weight loss

Not only in our country but all over the world huge numbers of people suffering from obesity. Even if the weight crosses over a hundredweight, many rounded belly and a desire to get rid of it. But not so simple.

Excess weight is accumulated of many reasons: a variety of hereditary diseases, diet, lifestyle, characteristics and preferences in the diet, the amount of food absorbed, the multiplicity of reception and so on. Agree, if you were traveling and the day passed tens of kilometers, hardly appeared roundness in the belly area.

If the reason is illness, then not do without the advice of a doctor. Without professional help there is little you can do. But if the extra weight came from sedentary work, and love to lie on the sofa, from the daily consumption of burgers and products from the BP, only you can decide to lose weight or continue to gain weight.


Being overweight is a serious problem, a few extra pounds affects health and performance. Therefore run not worth it. At least occasionally load yourself physically: exercise in the morning, run a couple times a week, use the stairs instead of the Elevator. All these actions are simple, and not require a huge effort, and the result may surprise.

If you decide to lose weight, then read the information. Do not immediately rush to the first available diet or to follow the recommendations of a friend there once a day and drink a tablespoon of water. Do not go to extremes, have pity on yourself.

It is necessary to consult a nutritionist or endocrinologist, who will assess the condition, determine the factor of excessive weight, give advice on a balanced diet and how to improve the mode of work and rest, advise the right diet. Drastic changes in lifestyle should not do not to undermine health. The body, on the contrary, will accumulate even more fat and you'll seize in a bad mood.

The decision to bring into your life a little sport is to be welcomed. But do not abuse it. There is no need every day to run around the house for an hour. First, the body is not ready for such sudden exertion. Secondly, you are already a couple of days to give up the idea to lose weight and get back to cakes and pastries.

Most importantly, gradually change your mode. Discard the fat food and do a little walk in the morning will complicate your mode and begin to run, turning to the desired diet.

The most important thing during weight loss is not only to form the correct mode of the day, but to eat wisely. From what energies and in what quantities is to the body, depends the success of further programs to get rid of excess pounds.

It is important to solve two problems:

  1. To determine how many pounds you plan to lose, after passing the obstacle in the form of a special diet.
  2. Learn how to plan a set of products and their number, spending calories.

Get a diary, write down all your snacks and full Lunches, breakfasts and dinners. This will allow you to calculate the number of calories consumed over the past day.

The next step – eliminate from your diet foods that hinder to achieve this goal:

  • The pies and pastries.
  • Smoked foods.
  • Fatty meats and fish, pickles.
  • Potatoes.
  • Cookies, cakes and the like.
  • Candies and sweets, cakes and pastries (well, at least at the time).

The list is quite long, but these basic products. What you need to eat to not only not to die of hunger, but also to stock up on energy for the whole day?

  • Various soups — they are healthy and nutritious.
  • Meat — lean (veal, beef, poultry) and fish (cod, perch, pike, Pollock) are not prohibited. Their number should be limited. And do not use roasted.
  • Eggs.
  • The vegetables and fruits. They have a lot of vitamins.
  • Tea, coffee.
  • Dairy products.
  • Pasta and cereals.
  • Bread with bran from the flour.
  • Vegetable oil.

But this does not mean that such foods may be eaten in any quantity, eating during the day. The content of the diet is to eat as much food as is necessary for life.

Detailed menu for a week

menus for weight loss

On the day you need approximately 2500 calories. Three times a day with meals, distribute them as follows:

  1. Breakfast – 35%
  2. Lunch – 40%
  3. Dinner – 25%

Create a menu for the week. Get creative, make a diet, so he was full. We offer different options of eating, and you will find suitable for themselves.


  • Oatmeal on the water (you can add nuts and raisins), glass of milk, two eggs.
  • Mashed potatoes, boiled fish, a glass of milk.
  • Muesli with milk (or cereal), one egg, juice.

Second Breakfast

  • Banana, orange and yogurt.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese, sour cream, Apple.
  • A glass of milk and pancakes with cottage cheese.


  • Soup, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, pumpkin salad with tomatoes and juice.
  • Ears, cutting of meat, vegetables, a glass of juice.
  • Borsch, buckwheat porridge, noodles, cocoa.

Afternoon tea

  • Fruity yogurt.
  • Vegetable salad with sour cream and juice.
  • Cheese sandwich, a glass of milk.


  • Salad, boiled chicken, green tea.
  • Fish cutlet, Greek salad, glass of milk.
  • Chicken, vegetable salad, tea.

This is only a sample menu, number of meals and a set of products. Try to avoid monotony. You need to enjoy a meal and a full range of nutrients.