Easy diet for quick weight loss belly and sides

Diet is way of eating, limited to certain products. Different menu options are used in the treatment of diseases, recovery after surgery, for weight loss and cleansing the body. There is a special food for weight loss belly and sides, which allows the volume of the body in a short time.

Food rules

diet for weight loss

Hoping to find harmony, to get rid of fat on legs and tummy, the girls have resorted to various means, including tablets. But questionable methods are dangerous, can cause health problems. To keep fit and eliminate fat thighs and health it is important to adhere to the principles of nutrition. A diet aimed at weight loss in the abdominal area and sides, contains a large amount of fiber. It is presented in cereals, vegetables, greens, fruits. The diet should be protein foods. It was seafood, meat, dairy products, eggs. Daily eat plant-based protein in the form of nuts, seeds (50 g).

An important factor for fat loss is water. Drink plenty of clear liquids.

Nutrition experts recommend to consume on average 2 liters of fluid during the day. It can be mineral, non-carbonated, from the filter or melt water.

Proper nutrition involves crushing food into equal portions. You need to eat often, up to 7 times a day. Sleep, last meal should be with a break in 3 hours.

The principles of nutrition during the diet for belly:

  1. Eliminate alcoholic beverages. Alcohol interferes with the normal metabolism leads to the formation of fat around the waist and in the upper part of the legs. In women there is a cellulitis.
  2. Flour products, sweets to eat in small quantities and rarely. Replace them with fruits, sweet berries, watermelon.
  3. Exclude from a diet smoked products, fried, fatty food. Food be steamed, grilled or boiled. The food will retain more nutrients, you will not see the extra calories from the oil.
  4. Count how many calories a day do not exceed figure. The figure for women, adolescents and men may differ.

Diet for weight loss belly and sides

The desired result can be achieved if you follow the developed plan of weight loss within a certain time. To lose a few pounds and reduce waist size diet for a flat stomach, designed for a week.

Day 1:

  1. Morning – a glass of low-fat yogurt; toast of rye flour.
  2. Lunch – salad with peppers, cabbage, cucumbers. Boiled rice, 150 g
  3. Lunch — boiled chicken or veal in the amount of 100 g a Glass of fresh Apple cider one Cup or more of roasted eggplant.

Day 2:

  1. Low-fat cottage cheese, tea or coffee.
  2. Boiled beef and rice or buckwheat 100 g
  3. A salad using onions, tomatoes. The amount of food – 250 g For the filling you can take a little vegetable oil.
  4. Shortly before bedtime drink a glass of delicious tomato juice.

Day 3:

  1. Green tea; boiled Turkey fillet 100 g
  2. 150 grams of lean fish steamed, salad onion, pickled cabbage with peas.
  3. Apple 1 PC. medium size; the portion of Fig.
  4. Before bed: fresh squeezed Apple juice 250ml

Day 4:

  1. Coffee or tea, boiled beef 100 g
  2. Bread made from bran, vegetable soup.
  3. Chicken and rice 100 g.

Day 5:

  1. Low-fat yogurt; toast of rye flour.
  2. Salad with carrots, seasoned with sour cream, boiled fish 150 g, 2 pieces of baked potato.
  3. Vegetable salad: peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes. Boiled beef 100 g

Day 6:

  1. Oatmeal cookies 2 PCs eggs, cooked soft boiled tea with herbs.
  2. Rice, Turkey 100 g
  3. Salad of Apple, pear, plum and orange; chicken 200 g

Day 7:

  1. Cheese medium fat 100 g, green tea, toast.
  2. The rice and salad of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions.
  3. Beef 200 g cucumber, cabbage.
proper nutrition

You can not change the days or sometimes chicken for veal. There are equal intervals of time. Light, non greasy food will help to establish the digestive process, eliminate stomach pain, burn fat in problem areas. Eating a week schedule, drink plenty of pure water to speed up metabolism, reduce weight. Menu for the week has beneficial effects on the condition of the hair and skin. The nutrients saturate the blood, improving health.

You can use a three-day Express method is designed for 3 days.

The recipe for the first day:

  • juice made from carrots, Apple; mug of tea green varieties;
  • be permitted before lunch eat nuts: walnuts or hazelnuts in an amount of 50 g;
  • boil the brown rice varieties; Apple or citrus; vegetable salad;
  • vegetables grilled 200 grams; lean fish 50 g.

Second day:

  • an Apple or ½ grapefruit;
  • carrot juice, fruit or vegetable mix;
  • herbal tea; tomatoes 2; kasha buckwheat; grapes;
  • chicken breast, baked or boiled 200 g; peppermint tea; vegetables roast.

Third day:

  • baked apples; oatmeal;
  • to drink water without gas 200 ml.; grapes;
  • grate the carrots with a dressing of sour cream-100 g; boiled fish, 200 g; water 1 Cup;
  • the average banana and a glass of kefir minimal fat.

List of foods for easy weight loss

To lose weight, not necessarily sit on a strict diet. It is sufficient to understand the main principles of proper nutrition. Certain food promotes weight loss, the other slows down the metabolism, causes the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. To balance a diet, to create a varied menu, it is necessary to divide the products for many-, medium -, and low-calorie, in terms of protein-fat-carbs.

Be sure to consume It is forbidden to consume

1. Chicken.

2. Lamb.

3. Turkey.

4. The calf's liver.

5. Ham

6. Eggs.


7. Salmon.

8. Acne.

9. Crabs.

10. Herring.

11. Sardines.

12. Tuna.

13. Carp.


14. Milk.

15. Yogurt.

16. Cheese "Brynza"

17. Cheese

18. Natural yogurt without dyes.

19. All the vegetables (celery, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pepper, corn, soybeans).

20. Fruit (in moderation in the first half of the day).

1. Sausages.

2. Sausage.

3. Fried potatoes.

4. Potato chips.

5. Sugar.

6. Cake.

7. Condensed milk.

8. Candy.

9. Cake.

10. Pancakes.

11. Chocolate.

12. Cookies.

13. Candy.

14. Marmalade.

15. Med.

16. Jam.

17. Bread.

18. Boiled potatoes (to minimize).

19. Ice cream.

20. Pasta.

21. Sausages.

22. Packaged juices and carbonated drinks.

23. Alcoholic beverages.

24. Pizza.

How to increase the effectiveness of the diet

slim figure

A diet that will help you to get flat stomach in a week must be combined with the other principles of weight loss. Move more, turn in the daily to-do list, a walk, a run, a walk. Do not forget about physical exercises.

To get rid of fat at the waist and in the area of the feet is important to follow a healthy diet, exercise at home or in the gym. Using the set of exercises on abs and flanks, you can run the metabolic processes, diet for weight loss belly faster will bear fruit.

No. 1 crunches: lift the body from the supine position.

No. 2 Twisting. Lie on the floor, bend your legs, hands behind his head. Pull right elbow to the left knee and Vice versa.

No. 3 do Not change position. Raise straight legs, let them, but don't touch feet of the floor.

Activity do 3 times a week minimum.

Eating for weight loss belly and slim figure should be correct and rational. Nutritionists say that fat will not go away if you keep eating high-calorie meals and quit physical exercise.