Lose weight at home for beginners

Slim figure is not only an indicator of beauty but also health. The abundance of junk food, long hours of sedentary work, lack of fresh air leads to weight gain and the emergence of various kinds of diseases.

Doctors recommend to allocate at least 30 minutes a day on physical training. The fitness center is not mandatory, for busy people there is a great alternative – exercise for weight loss at home.

A complex of effective exercises will help to put in order the figure without a large investment of time and money. The main thing is to practice regularly.

A simple exercise for beginners

how to lose weight

People with no experience of fitness should start with simple exercises that will help the body to gradually get used to the loads. The optimal duration of training for beginners – 20 minutes.

All movements should be performed slowly, without the use of weights. If the load seems insufficient, you can use small weights weighing up to 1 kg

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Any exercise should begin with warm-up. Workout for beginners includes the following movements: smooth head rotation (10-15 times), straight arms forward and back (10-15 times), housing (8-12 times), pelvis (8-12 times), knees (10-15 times), jumping on the spot (10-15 times). Warm-up prepares the body to the main unit exercises and helps prevent injury.

Complex for beginners for quick weight loss, includes the following exercises (number of repetitions – about 15-20 times):

  • Squats, shallow squats with simultaneous elimination of direct hands forward.
  • Lunges: alternate forward left and right foot. Important: the knee should bend at a right angle.
  • Squats-plie: the shoulder width to put a foot socks to turn to the side, do slow squats for 3 accounts, and then slowly rise.
  • Simplified push-UPS: take the emphasis on the floor, leaning against knees and palms to do push-UPS at a slow pace. During the exercises, you cannot bend your back and pull your head up, have to move only hands. If discomfort is felt in the knees, you should put them under a low pillow or a towel.
  • Exercise for the press: to be on your back with your legs bent at the knees, to get to the back of the hands, exhale slowly raise the shoulders on inhale, down. When lifting do not pull the neck needs lifting just the shoulders due to the tension of the abdominal muscles.
  • Lifting the buttocks: sit on your back, bend knees legs stretched along the body hands to lift the buttocks, making quick movements with the buttocks up and down. When lifting should be possible to compress the gluteal muscles.

Includes exercises for beginners help in just 20 minutes will give a good load all "problem" areas: legs, hips, arms and shoulders, press. During the class is allowed to take short breaks, but no more than 5 minutes. To complete the training necessary easy stretch: sit on the floor, widely having dissolved feet; slowly stretch the body forward, left, right.

To weight loss at home it quick, you need to engage in an intensive program that includes strength and aerobic exercises. Aerobics leads to increased heart rate – a prerequisite for effective fat burning. Strength exercises help to increase skin tone and muscle volume, from which depends a beautiful relief figures. There are several schemes of exercising at home:

  1. One day is devoted to aerobic exercise – running track, dance aerobics, riding a stationary bike. The other day the power load, including exercises for all muscle groups.
  2. During the training combines strength and aerobic exercises. For example, the class begins with a 5-minute ride on the stationary bike, then performed exercises on a press, then another 5 minutes of aerobics, then exercise for the hips.

When you perform effective exercise focuses on a certain muscle group, but at the same time working other muscles, which increases the training effect. To classes at home helped to spend a maximum of calories, it is useful to use weights – dumbbells at 1.5–3 kg. it is Better to use small weights but do more repetitions.

To fix a sagging belly and flanks, you need to do at home exercises for abs. Here is a set of effective exercise for the press (all exercises to do 20-30 times for 2-3 sets):


  • Starting position: take a seat on the back, extend hands along the body, lift the socks off the floor by 15 cm.
  • Execution: move cross the straight legs, alternately bringing up the left and right legs.


  • Starting position: sit back, put your hands to the back of the head.
  • Implementation: should alternately lift the knees bent legs and reach for it with the opposite elbow.

Lateral twisting

  • Starting position: sit on the floor on your side with your lower arm, pull forward, get the upper hand to your ear.
  • Execution: do a side twist, raise legs to drag him by the elbow.

For buttocks and thighs

exercise for weight loss

Complex for the upper legs and buttocks are aimed at quick weight loss at home and the formation of mode shapes.

If you regularly give lower-body the payload, then very soon you will see the first changes: the skin is tightened, leaving a laxity of the muscles of the inner and outer parts of the thighs, a more rounded and bouncy will be the buttocks, reduced cellulite.

Efficient complex at home should include exercise for weight loss buttocks and thighs (the number of repetitions – 20-30, 2-3 sets):

Squats with dumbbells

  • Starting position: place feet shoulder width apart, grab dumbbells weighing 1.5–2 kg.
  • Execution: deep squat, simultaneously bringing your arms forward. Elbows when raising the hands should "look" down. Squats are useful for the internal, front and back of the thighs. The use of dumbbells increases the load.

Attacks "Swing"

  • Starting position: grab a dumbbell, stand with your feet together.
  • Execution: do alternating lunges right leg back and forth. Follow with the other foot. Attacks contribute to the formation of the beautiful buttocks.

Attacks diverting hands ago

  • Starting position: hold dumbbells, make the maximum thrust the foot forward, put your hands behind your back with palms outward.
  • Execution: while keeping tension in the hips, bring hands back up and move your scapula. Exercise is good for the front and outer parts of the thigh and also for the arms, shoulders and back.

The splaying of the legs in the support position

  • Starting position: take the emphasis lying, like push-UPS.
  • Execution: alternately take your feet in the direction for maximum distance, and then return to its original position. The splaying of the legs in the support position helps to shape the thighs.

For arms and shoulders

The shaping of the arms and shoulders requires exercises with weights. If during the exercise the thighs, buttocks and the press uses dumbbells, then this is a good load.

It is also useful to perform separate exercises for the arms: bending at different angles or abduction with dumbbells forward, to the side.

Also useful for the triceps and biceps of the classic pushup in which you train back, chest, press.

For slender legs

Exercises for slimming legs at home is aimed at the formation of elastic thighs without cellulite, good knees and a neat calf. To legs were slender, it is useful to do dance aerobics from time to time to walk around the house on tiptoe. In the usual practice, include the following exercise (run every 30-45 times, doing 2-3 sets):

Plie socks

  • Starting position: position feet shoulder width apart, remove the socks out.
  • Execution: stand on your socks, sit on three accounts, down on the heel. Plie socks promote weight loss thighs, forming a beautiful calf.

Leg lifts

  • Starting position: sit on the side, lean your elbow on the floor, pull the toes.
  • Performance: as high as possible, lift the top leg, then slowly lower. A useful exercise for the inner and outer surfaces of the thigh.

Leg swings

  • Starting position: feet together, straighten your back.
  • Execution: make the swing leg forward, then swing the leg back while pulling the body forward. When the train swings back and front surfaces of the legs.

Physical exercises for men

weight loss for men

Diet for men home exercises if you perform them regularly, help them lose weight, create a beautiful torso and a press without a visit to the gym. Like women, men are shown twisting crunches, leg lifts in the supine position, lunges, squats with weights. Weight dumbbell for men should be 8-12 kg

Estimated home workout for men includes exercises:

  • twisting crunches;
  • raising of the legs perpendicular to the torso, lying on the back;
  • push-UPS;
  • lunges with weights;
  • deadlift weights (dumbbells);
  • Mahi dumbbells forward, to the side.

How to lose weight with exercise in a week at home

Exercises for fast weight loss at home should include power elements, and aerobics. It is useful to train every day twice a day.

For example, in the morning to run on the treadmill or go on the stationary bike, and evening to devote to weight training at home.

Evening training should be filled with exercises that involve several muscle groups. Here is a rough diagram of such a class:

  • 5-minute workout;
  • classic squats using dumbbells;
  • alternating lunges back and forward;
  • squats-plie with the use of dumbbells;
  • lying on back, lifts legs with the simultaneous cultivation of dumbbells;
  • twisting crunches;
  • Mahi dumbbells forward, sideways;
  • bending of hands with dumbbells at different angles;
  • push-UPS.

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A video lesson on the technique of execution of exercises for weight loss at home

Home exercise can help to lose weight. The advantages of home training: time savings, the ability to combine classes with watching your favorite TV shows or listening to music, a minimum of necessary sports equipment.

Convenient form, plus the perseverance in the daily practice of 15 minutes of the complex, will make the dream of an ideal figure a reality.

If you want to save money and time going to the gym, then help is given in exercise videos for weight loss at home.

Quickly lose weight at home

Proper nutrition and exercise will help quickly enough to fix the figure

Where better to start?

Look slim and beautiful every girl wants, but lead a healthy and sporty lifestyle only not many.

Even if you are not fond of dancing or aerobics, do not attend a gym, you can have a slim and slender figure. You need to give the sport for 20-30 minutes a day.

Taking care of your body and it will delight you with good health and great appearance.

Here you will find practical exercises that will help you to lose weight at home without exercise equipment. Knowing them, you will be able to create your individual training schedule.

Before you start training you should perform warm-up. It will help you to warm up the muscles and joints, and protect you from damage and injury.

Must begin from the top down, gradually turning from warming up neck, shoulders and hands to the lower back, buttocks, thighs, knees and feet.

If you do not know how to warm up — no problem. Start circular motion of each joint. First one way, then the other. Work thus all parts of the body.

Then, it is good to warm up. For this much RUB your palms until they become hot. After this, heat of face, neck, ears, nose. Then warm hands spread all over the body from head to toe.