Exercise for weight loss at home

Probably every person at least once in life thought that it is time to bring the figure in order. A lot of people dissatisfied with their figure and wish to get rid of fat that hang at the sides. There are quite a few ways to lose weight. Today we are going to talk about the way to lose weight that do not require a lot of time and effort. This method of losing weight at home with the help of special exercises. Go!

Causes of excess weight

exercise for weight loss

Before to solve the problem, you need to understand the reasons for its occurrence. The main causes of excess weight are:

  1. Smoking and alcohol.
  2. The low level of your physical activity.
  3. Violation of metabolism.
  4. Frequent consumption of fatty foods and pastries.
  5. Drinking large quantities of salt.
  6. Night meals.
  7. Overeating.
  8. Genetic propensity to be overweight.

Often there are several reasons, and they reinforce each other. For example, if a person eats a lot, but in sports, he may not be overweight. The person may have little but smoke and sometimes drink alcohol. In this case, it is also unlikely to be problems with excess weight.

Most often, people with extra pounds because of poor lifestyle. Basically it's five or six days a week of sedentary work. Further, the movement to home behind the wheel of a car again sitting. Lift to the apartment by Elevator. After a hard working day you can take a bottle of beer and fatty snacks. Then the evening spent watching television. Because when a person while eating something looking, his attention focuses not on food. This person eats 30 percent more. These 30 percent are deposited in the abdomen.

More than half of men living in big cities lead this kind of lifestyle, and therefore have decent bellies. That is, for weight loss, you will have to completely change your lifestyle. You will need to give up some bad habits and acquire useful.

As for women, in most cases, they get fat after childbirth and after marriage. Many women, when married, cease to follow him. The reason is that she already has a regular man who loves her, so she doesn't need to watch her figure. Such a policy is not proper, because it can ruin your marriage. If you are aware of it, and decided to lose weight, big respect to you! Let's do it together!

The key point in losing weight

The main thing in weight loss is the difference between consumed and spent energy. Your gender here is irrelevant. The main thing is to eat the right foods and be physically active.

So, for you to get rid of excess weight, you need to spend more energy than consume. Without it, your weight will not change in the smaller side. Let's look at three options:

  1. The weight of the person increases.
  2. A person's weight does not change.
  3. The weight of the person decreases.

In the first case, the person eats fatty foods, drinking beer and lying on the sofa. Energy he consumes a decent amount and spends very little for going to work or the grocery store. The energy that he wastes are deposited in the form of fat on his stomach.

In the second case, the difference of consumed energy that is consumed is approximately equal to zero. For example, a person practically engaged in physical exercise, but a bad meal, he prefers vegetables, salads and boiled meat. And drink every day 2-3 liters of water. He spends little energy, but it consumes little. Thus, its weight is always approximately the same level. The same situation, if the person eats a lot and is constantly training.

In the latter case, one gets rid of the excess weight. First, it uses low-calorie foods, so it is simply no extra energy. It is enough of this energy for the life of the common man. Second, he performs special exercises for weight loss that take a lot of effort. And it turns out that the balance of the received energy per day it is negative. Accordingly, the body begins to draw energy from internal reserves, namely fat belly this man.

More details to go into the subject of nutrition we will not, but will consider one very important point. When losing weight you need to exercise 2 hours after a meal. And when the training session ends, you need to wait another 2 hours before something to eat.


If you eat directly before exercise, it will reduce its effectiveness. Quality exercise will worsen, and you will not be able to spend the necessary amount of energy.

Immediately after training, the body begins a period when it is necessary to urgently restore the energy spent during exercise. This period lasts about two hours. Therefore, we need to wait this time. If you eat something within two hours after a workout, this will prevent the process of weight loss. After a workout food is digested by the body much better. We don't need that, because we lose weight.

When the body realizes that energy from the outside do not, he begins to take it from the internal reserves of your belly fat. After two hours, the body will stop looking for where to take this energy, because he will take it from fat. This is the fat burning process. When this period has passed, you can enjoy dinner and reward yourself for a good workout vegetable salad and a piece of boiled chicken.

Home exercises for weight loss

Go to that without which the process of losing weight will not make any sense. For weight loss do not have to perform heavy exercises with bodybuilding. Enough to do some exercises from fitness. Importantly, in their implementation, spent a large amount of energy.

So, the most effective exercises fitness to lose weight at home:

  1. The rotation of the Hoop — a very popular and effective exercise for fitness. It is more suitable for girls, as men try to outrun the fat in muscle mass and girls more important a flat stomach. In addition, this exercise burns calories, it is working on your stomach muscles. Thus, performing the rotation of the Hoop, you kill two birds with one stone. When you lose weight, you will have well developed abdominal muscles.
  2. Vigorous dance suitable for both men and women. Remember your last trip to a night club or a disco. After several hours of dancing, you sweat a lot. It's very good, because that way you get rid of excess weight. Now you have to dance more vigorously than at the disco. Turn on music that motivates you and lights start to move my hips, imagine that you are the star. Joke! In order not to waste time in vain, turn on dance videos for weight loss, and repeat all that they do.
  3. Jumping from a sitting position and squats require quite a lot of effort. Exercises for training the legs require a strong respiratory system. On breathing during intense exercise takes a lot of energy, so do not neglect this exercise.
  4. Leg lifts and torso. Around of crunches goes a lot of myths. One such that they will not help you lose weight. It is not, because they, like any other exercise, require energy. So do not forget about pumping the press. After all, you want to be a happy owner of the coveted cubes when you lose weight, isn't it?
  5. Push-UPS need to get rid of fat on arms and chest. As a rule, if a person has problems with excess weight, he postponed it everywhere like on my stomach and arms. To spend as much energy as possible, do push-UPS with claps. Between sets rest no more than a minute.
  6. Leg swings — another popular exercise for fitness. It is more suitable for women who want to get rid of cellulite on legs. This movement designed more to process the form of the thighs and buttocks, burns only body fat.
  7. Working with punching bag is a good aerobic exercise. Be sure to include it in your set of exercises for weight loss. Working with a punching bag more effective than dancing for weight loss. If you are a man, you'd better work with pears for 30-40 minutes.
  8. Running is the most effective exercise of all, which we are discussing today. Its benefits not even worth talking about. If you want to lose weight, you need to run. So runs brought the desired result, you need to constantly increase their duration in time.
  9. Jumping rope will bring you the same result as running. However, there's more work to fat burning in the knees. This exercise is more suitable for girls. By the way, if you are too lazy to go out for a run, it can be substituted with jumping rope.
  10. Planck will load your whole body. For this exercise, take the emphasis lying. After that, rest on the floor with forearms. Keep your back straight and do not lift the buttocks. In this position, you must stand until they fall on the floor. This exercise is effective for weight loss and weight gain. First, it has a strong anabolic effect on your body. Second, it requires significant energy costs.

For more tips

workout for weight loss

Should not eat food, watch TV. First, you get distracted and eat a lot more, and this is unacceptable when losing weight. Second, you will have much more time to study. Usually, if a person eats and looks for a meal it takes about 15 minutes and then he continues to watch the movie or the transfer. Only after that he is going to do their business.

If you are bored to do at home, join a nearby fitness center. Perhaps, in addition to losing weight, you will find new friends and acquaintances.

Build your complex of exercises for slimming as follows:

  1. Jogging should be daily. Run on a maximum of 2 times a week. Other days just jog your pleasure 15-20 minutes.
  2. A week's enough for four fitness classes. For the upper and lower parts of the body for 2 sessions per week. For example, Monday and Thursday — jump, dance and swing press. Tuesday and Friday — hit a punching bag and running the bar.
  3. Training should not last more than an hour.

Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Not liquid, namely, pure water. It is advisable to buy water at the store. Make it a habit to keep at home a few bottles of water.

Very well, if you have any sports equipment, for example, a rubber band or ball. If possible, find something else and create a home area for fitness.

Exercises for weight loss at home very much. Therefore constantly change your training complex. In a month or two the body can get used to repetitive loads, and to achieve the desired result would be harder.

Eat less salt, because it retains body fluid. And this is not conducive to weight loss, but reduces the effectiveness of your training.


Now you know all about how to lose weight at home. Applying the recommendations from this article, you will be able to get rid of extra pounds, and thus transform your body. And most importantly — you have lost a complex about weight, you will feel confident. Could feel something different a happy owner of a flat stomach? I wish you success.