Diet for weight loss belly

When the abdomen fat, besides the unpleasant loss of a slim figure, aggravated health problems. Fat swim internal organs, resulting in disturbed them. Extremely difficult to get rid of excess fat on the waist after birth in stable and stressful situations that trigger the desire to escape from the negative a simple way to eat plenty.

Original means to get rid of excess fat press

how to lose weight

To remove deposits of fat on your stomach help of different diet from a single product – when for three days nothing is taken for food, but one dish. This kind of food is called mono-diet, and a special kind of diet cannot be used for a long time, so it does not affect the normal operation of intestines and stomach. Used diet when cereals are soaked in the evening and in the morning it is eaten raw. There are different sorts of diets for dairy products, fruits and vegetables. This diet has a positive effect on metabolism, condition of the stomach and intestines and other organs. However, the main condition is that after the expiry of the limitation power not to go back to big portions of food and abuse of a variety of pastries. You should fully move to a system of full, but not excessive power for flat press and a steady restoration of health.

Development basics diet

Diet for weight loss belly involves a complete rejection of any form of fat in food, and limited use of products containing protein complex. On time diet the main products are a variety of vegetables, fruits, and allowed green tea without sugar. To diet successfully removed the excess pounds, break it into three phases:

  • the preliminary stage of the diet scheduled for a seven-day period – during this period, gradually abandon edibles with high caloric content and the products is absolutely not acceptable for compliance with the selected diet.
  • The main stage was painted for a term of one to three weeks – when it fully takes effect all arrangements comply with the new nutritional menu. The completion of the main phase is directly dependent on the initial weight of the human condition – those who have weight more than 80 kg, is available gentle treatment diet for three weeks. And during this time updated structure of the skin and prevented her sagging, the result of accelerated weight loss.
  • The final stage of the use of loss diet belly for women lasts up to six months – during this time, you need to gradually lead diet healthy and balanced state.

Permitted and non-permitted products

According to aggregate rules for applying the loss diet belly for the week – do not drink alcohol or smoke, because they seriously violate the order of metabolism. Other products that prevent a stable metabolism imposed a severe limitation, in particular, the weighted sources of carbohydrates, which encourage the formation of fat in the waist.

When diets to help eliminate the fat in such food is prohibited:

  • Salt, which slows down the metabolism and makes it difficult to output a fluid;
  • Sugar, sweets and jams, that while in the body, transformirovalsya in belly fat;
  • Baking and pasta, as a source of difficult carbohydrates, which are deposited on the hips and abdomen ugly folds of fat;
  • Frying and smoked, and edible fast food;
  • Sweet carbonated water, juices, tea bags, coffee, alcohol;
  • Champions on the content of starchy substances among vegetables – potatoes, beets and cabbage;
  • Champions of the sugar capacity of fruits such as figs, bananas and grapes;
  • Excessively fatty lamb and pork;
  • Champion fat content among fish;
  • All kinds of sauces;
  • Fat cottage cheese;
  • Preservation.

To eliminate fat deposits on the waist, you should follow a healthy lifestyle is edible, rich in gluten, vitamins and light carbohydrates. For fans of counting calories, their daily consumption should not exceed 1700 calories.

diet for weight loss belly

Permitted for use during the diet to eliminate deposits of fat on the belly:

  • Tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, radishes, green peas, cabbage and cucumbers in the form of vegetable soups, vegetable salads and steam vegetables.
  • Fruit and berries are used apricots, peaches, plums, pears, cherries, rich in gluten, and consequently are diet and eliminate the fat on the press and normalizes intestinal processes;
  • Greens are the most valuable celery, dill and cilantro are rich in substances necessary for proper functioning of the body;
  • Poultry and lean beef, is a source of protein dulls hunger and promote normal bowel movements;
  • Devoid of fat varieties of fish;
  • Yogurt and milk are consumed twice per week one Cup a day;
  • Curd is eaten once per week without additives;
  • Dried fruit, sunflower seeds and nuts are taken twice a week in small handfuls in its raw state;
  • From cereals – oatmeal, rice and buckwheat, which provide useful carbohydrate and blunts the discomfort of hunger.

The basics of good nutrition

For tackling the extra pounds on the waistline and improve the functioning of internal organs, should adhere to special rules. Fundamentals of nutrition during easy diets for weight loss stomach for beginners help the rapid achievement of the goal. For best results, perform basic requirements:

  • The required blackout and a full Breakfast and it starts the active metabolism immediately after eating. Necessary variety and full range of edible for lunch and dinner should be 2-3 hours before sleep.
  • Compliance with the water balance and drinking at least 2 litres of water per day.
  • The acceleration of the process of getting rid of extra pounds achieves Supplement diet exercise.
  • At each meal are used salads and snacking between meals fruits better.

What to eat for a flat stomach

A sample diet food to eliminate extra pounds:

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 1: 1 Cup of yogurt, toast; 150 gr of rice in the broth. Salad of sweet peppers, cabbage and cucumber; 100 g of beef in broth, baked blue, the juice of an Apple;

2nd day: low-fat curd weak unsweetened tea, 100 grams of rice in broth and 100 g of beef in the broth. Tomato and onion salad, dressed with olive oil, glass of tomato juice before going to bed;

3rd day: 100 g Turkey in the broth, unsweetened green tea, 150 g of fish broth, cabbage salad with onions and peas; rice in the broth and an Apple, before bed a glass of juice;

4th day: 100 g of beef in the broth, weak unsweetened tea, vegetable soup with vegetables and bread; 150 grams of poultry in broth, rice in the broth;

5th day: a glass of devoid of fat yogurt, toast, 2 pieces of baked potato, carrot salad, 150 g of fish broth; salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, 100 grams of veal broth;

6th day: two boiled eggs, two oat biscuits, herbal tea, 100 grams of boiled Turkey, rice in broth; 200 g chicken broth, orange salad;

7th day: 100g of cheese, green tea with toast; rice-broth, salad with tomato, cucumber and onion; 200 g of boiled beef, cabbage salad with cucumber;

Diet combined with exercise

Extra pounds leave the waist if with diet exercise to strengthen the oblique muscles at the waist. Good results are such exercises, such as Bicycle, side arm swing, jumping rope and spin the Hoop. For rapid weight loss is doing exercises in full:

  • when lying on the back, where the legs bent at the knees and the hands under the head, shoulders away from the floor, and straining the abdominal muscles, then return to starting position and relax – done a dozen times;
  • when you lie on your back, bend legs at the same time pull your knees to your chest and return to starting position – done a dozen times;
  • On the back of the arms are pushed apart, and the hips are raised and fixed, then the body relaxes – done a dozen times;
  • In position on the abdomen to lower the body on elbows and toes: raise legs to hip level and return to the starting position –to do a dozen times with different feet.
eating for weight loss

Easy diet for quick weight loss stomach provides for the exclusion from the food of salt, sugar, fatty meat and fish, sauces and canned food. These provisions are replaced with vegetables, excluding potatoes, fruit and vegetables and some dried fruits. Should be tight to have Breakfast, drink a day not less than two liters of water, to include meals and salads to enhance the effect of diet physical exercises. The menu includes small portions that satisfy hunger but contribute to the care of fat mass from the press and hips. The complex of four exercises fully get rid of the frills at the waist and improve overall health.