Home workouts for weight loss

If imbalance between intake of calories and their consumption in different parts of the body appear fat. Some have to look for ways how to lose weight in the stomach, others are concerned about the fullness of the hips or sides. The fight with overweight slim figure must be comprehensive.

exercise for weight loss

It is the control of power consumption relevant products, classes at the gym that the muscles in the abdominal have received the required load and tone. Exercises for slimming the abdomen, regularly performed in the home, helping to eliminate sagging muscles and make your waist look slimmer.

How to choose the best exercises

To choose the type of exercise should be based on the results to be achieved. If the fat deposits are observed not only in the area of the abdomen and on the thighs, buttocks, and excess weight is not very large, will be useful for health Jogging, gymnastics, aerobics and other types of physical activity. For example, for weight loss in the abdominal area, you can use various exercise machines.

To diet during exercise is not necessary, but adjusted diet costs. First of all, it is better to give the power semi-finished products, fried foods, not to overeat.

So how to lose weight in the stomach using home workouts can be properly alternating strain and relaxation, it is best to engage in through the day. The best time to exercise – from 11 to 14h and 18 to 20 hours. An important condition for successful exercise is it must start no sooner than two hours after the last meal not later than two hours before bedtime.

Each session should begin with warm-up. In the first few days can ache the muscles, but then normal. After about a month of regular exercise will be able to get involved, and then have to think about increasing the load, because the efficiency of the old complex will be reduced.

Home exercises for belly slimming

Exercises to lose weight in the stomach. it should be remembered that a woman should remain a woman, which unnecessarily raised muscles, a six-pack abdominals are developed in very rare cases.

For quick weight loss enough to perform 3-4 exercises, 2-3 sets of 15-25 repetitions. These can be included in morning exercises.


Back and feet flat on the floor, hands behind the head, elbows divorced. Exhaling, lift the upper half of the torso to the knees. Pausing for a while on the breath to return to its original position.

Lifting the feet

Lower back firmly pressed to the Mat, straight legs raised straight up, hands stretched along the body. Gradually lower the legs, almost touching the floor with my heels. Pausing for a second, return to starting position. Need to make sure that the loin is not off the floor.

Brass on the back

To lose weight in the stomach in the supine position is useful to perform the following exercise. Straightened the hands rest palms on the floor. Slow motion pulling up his legs to his stomach, heels together. Then with a quick movement, straighten legs and end up on the floor next.

AB workout

To strengthen the abdominal muscles and fast lose weight in the stomach at home it is useful to perform the following exercises:

  • In the supine position knees bent, feet on floor, hands on head, elbows out to the sides. On the exhale, raise your upper body to the knees.
  • Lie down, arms along the body. Move your straightened legs so that their toes touched the Mat above his head.
  • The source position is the same, to raise straightened legs off the floor at a minimum height of 20-25cm.
  • To sit on a Mat, back straight, hands near hips. Stretch the abdominal muscles and gently tilt back, keeping a right angle between the body and straightened legs. Then return to the starting position.

How to remove fat from the thighs

how to lose weight at home

To become slimmer, it is useful every morning at home to do the exercises simple exercises for belly slimming from slimming the legs:

  1. Simple and useful warm-up exercise: Jogging in place with high knee to the thigh was perpendicular to the body. Train the abdominal muscles effectively burn fat lower back.
  2. Feet shoulder width apart. Leaning to the right, simultaneously raise your left arm over your head. Repeat for the other side, changing the hand. Thighs during bending should not change position, the back should not go forward or backward, forming a plane with the rear surface of the legs.
  3. For weight loss belly and sides is useful to make shallow squats. Feet wider than shoulder width, feet parallel. Crouch alternately on the left and the right leg to the level of the chair seat, back straight.
  4. Lying on the gymnastics Mat, lift your straightened legs and begin to turn imaginary bike pedal. It is useful to alternate the rotational motion, making them forwards and backwards.

Exercises for slimming legs

It is no secret that fatty deposits are formed not only on the belly, but and legs. So I would also like to lose weight in the thighs, calves, buttocks.

  1. The most simple exercise – Mahi. For balance it is better to stick to the back of the chair, waving each leg forward, backward, sideways. No matter what the injury, it is necessary that the muscles were well warmed up.
  2. Another type of useful exercise to effectively lose weight, you can get using the low stand – "step". Within 5-10 minutes to put it on first one then the other leg, then in a similar way to "down".
  3. Workout for thighs and buttocks you need to lie on side, bottom arm is bent at the elbow and rests in a pad, the palm of the upper hand in the abdomen also rests on the floor. Off the floor the hip, leaning on hands and feet. Back and back of legs form one plane. Exercise helps to lose weight in the stomach, strengthens the various muscles. It needs to be done to both sides of the trunk.
  4. Lying on your side, bottom hand put under head, upper — waist. To understand on the exhale straightened her top leg as high up as possible. To perform the exercise for the other side.
  5. Sitting and leaning back on his hands, try to touch the floor knees bent feet on the right and left of the torso.
  6. If the legs are complete in the calves, for weight loss is helpful to roll the body weight from heel to toes.
  7. To lose weight in calves, stand on one leg, the second rear cross, to rise on a sock. For balance to stick to the back of a chair or the wall.

Home exercises for weight loss belly sides

  • Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. The straight arms to raise. To make inclinations forward, right, left, 15 in each direction.
  • The source position is the same, his hands clasped on his chest. To turn three times left then three times right, to each side 15-20 times.
  • Sitting on a chair and maintaining balance, pull your knees to your chest, clasping their hands. Slowly return to the starting position. Quite 8-10 times, 2-3 sets.
  • Maintaining balance on the chair and controlling the heel touched the floor, inclining the body backwards. Insurance back, you can put a mattress and soft pillows.
  • Lying on a Mat, raise hands the body, placing it upright, back straight.