How to lose weight in the stomach

With the problem of weight loss belly women often face. To remove belly fat possible, but it requires a lot of efforts. Often, the appearance of belly excess fat lead unhealthy lifestyle and mistakes in nutrition. So what to do to lost your belly? Let's deal.

How to lose weight in the stomach using food

weight loss abdominal

The main goal of loss diet belly is to configure the correct operation of the digestive system. To lose weight and remove belly fat, you need to follow rules of food:

  • eat less animal fats (margarine, butter, lard and the like);
  • to exclude from the menu, sugar, beverages and products from them;
  • eat less salt, baked, bakery products;
  • drink more water (1.5-2 liters per day);
  • eat at least 5 times a day, the serving should not exceed 200 g.
  • not to drink after a meal, to wash down the food;
  • there are no less than 3 hours before bedtime, if you really want to drink a glass of water or eat non-fat yogurt.

You need to eat more foods containing dietary fiber (cellulose), that is, vegetables and cereals. Apples, zucchini, cucumbers, rice, parsley, celery, beans, seaweed, buckwheat. It is better to cook oatmeal and vegetables, salads with vegetable or olive oil.

It is important to eat fruits (apples and pears, oranges and grapefruits). We should not forget about protein foods: fish, lean chicken, egg whites. Eat nuts and seeds, but not many.

Products better not to fry, stew, cook, steamed, baked in the oven. Green vegetables are allowed to eat as much as you want. It's cabbage, green peppers, salads, any greens. Well there are carrots and beets.

Physical activity

Diet is not the only how to lose weight and remove belly fat. To achieve more stable results, it is better to do at the gym. However, there are special complexes of exercise, which can be easily performed at home. It is important not to forget about the rules:

  1. To do every day;
  2. The load is gradually increased;
  3. Before complex exercises mandatory warm-up;
  4. Exercises can be done after a meal;
  5. One workout should include 3 types of exercises and repeat each need up to 25 times in 2 approach;
  6. All exercises to be done slowly, while breathing out;
  7. Drink plenty of water during exercise.

Effective exercises for a flat stomach

Buy flat belly help you exercise. Consider some of them.

  • The rotation of the Hoop is one of the most effective ways to train the stomach. Better to start with an easy wrap, gradually to heavy. To do no less than 15 minutes 2 times a day.
  • The Hoop is rotated in a clockwise direction with your feet shoulder width apart or together and always slightly bent at the knees with your back straight.
  • Regular Jogging at a distance of 2-3 km is a good way to get rid of extra pounds
  • Fitness classes, swimming, Pilates and yoga strengthen abdominal muscles.
  • Constant gymnastics, which is quietly more to draw and relax the stomach, stopping as strong enough (single approach – 8 times). To go, plunging the stomach.

Useful methods to lose weight and to remove belly fat, will Cycling or training on a stationary bike, rollerblading or skate the long run.

Here is a useful exercise for flat tummy:

  1. Simple twist: lie on back with legs bent, hands behind head, lift the shoulders off the floor, straining a press, stay a while. Repeat 10 times? rest, 10 times. It is important to breathe correctly: the bottom – breath, up – breath.
  2. Leg lifts: lie on back, legs bent, keeping the knees at the level of the pelvis, and shins parallel to the floor. Tense abs and slowly raise your hips 2-3 cm, stopping at the top. Repeat 2 times to 10 times.
  3. Leg raises with a twist: combine the two previous exercises. 2 sets of 10 times.
  4. Twisting to the side: lying on your back, legs bent, hands behind head. Extend your elbow to the opposite knee. The other elbow on the floor. Performed 2 times to 10 times.
  5. Twisting with the attack: lying on your back, tighten the legs to the pelvis, hands behind his head. Tear off shoulders off the floor, one knee drawn to his chest. Then drop and drag the leg. The number of exercises as above.
  6. Bike. Exercise familiar to all.
  7. Wiggle toes: touch turns toes bent legs of the floor, lying on his back.
  8. Leg lifts: lying on stomach, up on elbows, feet put on socks and in turn raise up the height of the thigh, holding for a while.

Cleansing the bowel and skin

how to lose weight

Another method is cleansing the intestines from toxins. The easiest way to do this with the help of an enema with a solution of water and salt (1.5 l of water – 1 teaspoon salt without slides) every 2 days. Due to this, goes the weight and volume of the stomach.

Some people say to drink salt water. She acts like a brush, of toxins. Does 1 liter of clean water. It is diluted 1 tablespoon of salt. Drink the solution in the morning on an empty stomach. There is a certain system: the first week of this kind of water you drink each day, second in a day.

On the fourth day of drinking the salt solution, an active chair, there is a cleansing of the intestines. Definitely need 15-20 minutes after the salt water drink a glass of milk or eat rice or oatmeal. It will not appear the irritation of the stomach because of the salt.

The skin on your abdomen and flanks can also be cleaned with salt. For the manufacture of an at home scrub of sea salt (half a Cup of salt and half a Cup of oil (any). All is good in the three problem areas, massaging, wash off. Salt removes excess water from the body, reduces swelling and gets rid of extra pounds.

Stress and relaxation

In order not to gain extra pounds, you must learn to cope with stressful situations. Emotional stress increases the body's levels of cortisol. And he makes you Deposit fat primarily in the abdomen and in internal organs. Try to be calm and to find the possible positives in every situation.

In order that the excess weight was not a problem, you should try to sleep a sufficient number of hours (preferably 8 hours). This holiday will help to maintain a good condition of the cardiovascular system.

Cosmetic products for fighting belly fat

In the struggle with excess weight it is possible to use different toning and anti-cellulite cosmetic products. Good will massage the problem areas, body wraps, take a contrast shower, and to wear special underwear for weight loss.

And we must not forget that proper nutrition and an active lifestyle should become your constant companions, otherwise you will never get a flat stomach, and most importantly, do not save the result.

Wraps and masks for the abdomen

Many wonder what to put on stomach to lose weight? Here come to the aid of the mask for maintaining skin elasticity of the abdomen. They can be done at home.

Mask belly black clay with pepper

For example, a good way to tighten skin on stomach mask belly area of black clay. The clay we buy in the drugstore, it's inexpensive. Mix half a pack with 1 teaspoon of red pepper (don't burn the skin!), stir water to make it look like sour cream.

Spread and wrap with foil for an hour. It is necessary to do every day for 2 weeks, then a break (2 weeks) again and repeat.

Very effective methods can become wraps. It is recommended to pay attention to such of them, as mustard and honey. They help to adjust the silhouette to make the skin smooth and supple, and most importantly, clean up to several centimeters in the waist. It is important to take the full course of 10 treatments.

Honey wrap belly area

In order to make honey body wrap at home, you have to smear honey (with 2 drops of essential oil or orange or grapefruit juice) the area of the waist (abdomen and back). Then wrap it all in cling film in several layers and walk as 30-40 minutes. After the procedure, wipe the waist area with a wet towel. No eating 2 hours prior to the procedure and 1-1,5 after it.

Mustard wrap the abdomen

For mustard wraps belly, prepare a mixture of dry mustard (2 tablespoons), sugar (2 teaspoons) and vinegar (half teaspoon). All mixed with warm water and leave for a day. Then add as much honey. And then doing the same thing and honey wrap. If it burns, but not warm, should be immediately washed off. Otherwise, this wrap is very effective.

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Before such procedures usually take a shower, use scrubs to massage problem areas. In addition to the honey and mustard are often used kelp. Wraps these seaweeds rid of belly fat and tighten the skin, eliminate cellulite.

How to lose weight in the stomach with the help of massage

A very effective measure to remove fat on the abdomen and flanks, can be a massage. It is quite possible to do yourself. The easiest way to do massage.

First and foremost, on the problem areas cause the oil massage. Then lie back and pulling the skin and begin the massage in a clockwise direction (except the navel). Tingling are quite sensitive, don't be afraid to stretch the skin. After the procedure, the skin rubbed with a towel. Then hide and rest a bit.