Proper nutrition for weight loss

The way to correct nutrition for weight loss will help without harm to health to lose weight and keep muscle. "I will lose weight" offers a fairly simple but well-working method — this weight loss suitable for both men and women, healthy and not people.

The method can be called by copyright, but there is nothing revolutionary, it is based on healthy nutrition, peculiarities of metabolism and therapeutic diets.

What you need to do to lose weight?

weight loss

Follow all the rules. Steadily. From what is described, nothing is superfluous, nothing that can not be ignored. If you decide to add something of themselves to improve the effect weight will not go, but the damage to your health when you apply. No need to restrict caloric intake, do not need to reduce the amount of fat in the diet or the number of meals. If it worked, you would not be reading this article now, right?

Proper nutrition for weight loss: order

First of all, we will look at what you eat, what to eat and what is not necessary. And then figure out how to eat to lose weight without harm for health.

Before the weight loss, I recommend you to weigh and measure waist, hips, chest, and forearms. The following measurements will need to spend in a month. Not every day you need to jump on the scales and look for the lost 100 grams, this is not important details that you don't want to concentrate.

You will have to change a lot in your diet. If you put on the table everything you eat for a week, it turns out that the basis of your diet consists of simple carbohydrates.

On your table a lot of cookies, candy, potatoes, Cola, chocolate bars, sweet yogurt. And what you drink diet coke, and a bowl of cereal "Fitness" anything for the better does not change.

You consume simple carbohydrates, not too healthy, and consume them in excess. And fats. Do you also eat too much. Without even realizing it. In the same candies, pastries and cakes. And worst of all, it's not the fats that your body needs. You refuse butter, but eat vegetable cream and cookies with cream filling.

An excess of carbohydrates in the diet is bad. Excess of fat in the diet is just as bad. But the excess of fats and carbohydrates is bad not even twice, but four times.

On your Desk, moreover, will have little meat and fish. Or because you think that they are very high in calories, or because someone told you that they prevent weight loss. It also interferes with you to lose weight without losing health.

On your table will be small fruits, herbs and vegetables, little (or no) healthy fats, a little water and a lot of refined foods.

If I'm wrong, it is only in some nuances.