The best diet for weight loss

To start losing weight from Monday a goal in your life puts a lot of women are dissatisfied with their weight. But, according to statistics, only 15% willing fulfill a promise to yourself, and the rest postpone scheduled for another 7 days. Adjustment plans may last for several months or years, exerting a negative impact not only on the shape but also on health. Needless to waste time in vain, if with the help of weight loss diet in a week easy to lose 3 to 10 kg? Understand what are the best diets for weight loss you can use at home.

How to make a network on a diet and break the vicious circle

diet for weight loss

In the Arsenal of dietitians there are hundreds of different diets, designed for a week. Some of them are effective, but tough, ideal for quick weight loss for 10 lbs. Others more mild, but 10 pounds in a week they will not lose weight. But what is the best diet for weight loss at home?

Nutritionists advise to start with a change of diet, it is recommended to use the advice of psychologists.

  1. For many women the most effective motivation for quick weight loss – a walk on the trendy shops. Trying on stylish outfits and trendy innovations are smaller in size and also sidelong glances sellers well stimulate to pause for a week and to exclude from the menu all that harms the body.
  2. Other women refuse fats and carbohydrates after attending a fashion show, beauty contest or other event where slender Babes show off their flawless shape enthusiastic audience, most of whom were men involved.
  3. A lot of women buy clothes a size smaller, thereby leaving himself a chance to stay in the same form.
  4. Wildest show my pictures in a swimsuit on the forums or in virtual competitions. Among the appraisers is necessarily he who is not looking for comforting words, and without scruple expressed their negative opinion.
  5. The easiest way to start losing weight at home lonely ladies – they can afford to keep the fridge empty and not to go to the stores, thereby depriving themselves of all sorts of temptations.

No less important is to focus on the diet – no need to set optimistic goals, and to expect too rapid weight loss. During the limited food thoughts about food were not the only meaning of life is to plan your days and take them to interesting events and activities: trips to the cinema, short trips, General cleaning at home, mastering the intricacies of the new hobby. Also on days diet it is not necessary to plan the visits, meeting with loving to eat with friends and other events, where it will be difficult to give up treats.

How not to gain weight dropped

Unfortunately, even the best diet won't produce the desired results, if after completion of the course, immediately pounce on high-calorie food. Hard reset on a diet the pounds often return in full or "appendage." To avoid this, it is important not only to adhere strictly to the diet for quick weight loss at home, nutritionists made, but also the right to exit a limited supply. Experts recommend returning to a normal lifestyle as smooth as possible, adding a day not more than two products missing from the diet menu. The ideal daily caloric intake should not increase by more than 200 kcal.

First and foremost meager diet should be supplemented with fresh vegetables and fruits, then on the table you can put meat and fish, preferably steam or a small amount of water without adding fat. Flour and bakery products, and especially products made with white flour should be avoided and consumed only in rare cases.

Not to stretch reduced in the amount of stomach, you need to eat slowly, thoroughly chewing every bite. This is necessary for rapid saturation and helps to avoid feelings of hunger after small meals.

It is equally important for sports to increase physical activity. If you can not visit the gym, you need to walk more, do exercise at home, try to move rapidly during casual Affairs.

Effective ways of dealing with hunger

proper weight loss

Hunger is the first enemy of dieting, motivational in its early termination. To adhere to a strict weekly menu, it is necessary to struggle with hunger all available methods.

  1. Safe for health are struggling with increased appetite peppermint essential oil, vanilla and tea tree. They can fill the room using an aroma lamp, or inhaled directly into the moments of attacks of hunger and food intake.
  2. To be satisfied with a small portion of food during a diet, it is recommended to eat in a hot room. If this is not possible, it is possible to dress warmly before dinner.
  3. During any diet, it is important to drink water, but in order to appease the brutal appetite, you need to drink a glass of warm water before meals.
  4. If the hunger pangs gets to work, and before meals is still far away, you need to take a deep breath and hold your breath for 5 seconds. After a slow exhalation you can repeat the exercise several times.
  5. Sport and moderate physical exercise not only helps burn calories but also help the body to forget about the hunger. Tip: with increased appetite, you should immediately load the muscles work.

The advantages of diet for 7 days

Many nutritionists agree that weight loss in a week is optimal for healthy weight loss. There are several reasons:

  1. For 7 days, the body manages to get rid not only from water but also from fat deposits.
  2. Week diet not have time to get bored and cause depression.
  3. A short fasting does not lead to lack of essential minerals and vitamins.
  4. Restriction in food can reduce the stomach, leading to the reduction required to saturate the amount of food.
  5. 7 days is the optimal time to get used to the new diet and will not go back to harmful products.
  6. Weekly weight loss on a few pounds is not harmful to health and does not violate the metabolism.
  7. Balanced weekly diet for weight loss can be applied at any time of the year, including spring, when the body is most depleted.

Recipes popular diets for a week

There are various effective diet for quick weight loss at home: mono, low carb, low fat, low fat or protein. Separately decided to allocate a hard diet different poor diet and great weight loss. Below are the most effective and easy diet approved by nutritionists.

A rich mixed diet

One of the most nourishing diets helps to lose about 3-5 kg per week. If you want to lose 10 kg and more, you can repeat the diet after a couple of months.

It is important to not only follow the recommended diet but also mandatory to drink daily 1.5-2 liters of clean water. The menu should be divided into 6 servings, the latter of which consumed no later than 7 PM.

  • 1 and 2 days: 500-700 grams chicken cooked without skin and add salt in small amount of water. Allowed to put it in a pot in the process of cooking the onion and carrots, but they are not.
  • 3 and 4 days: Oatmeal, cooked whole grain on water, without adding oil and salt.
  • 5 and 6 days: vegetables in the amount of 1-1,5 kg, preferably fresh, but use boiled or steam. Salt and oil are added is impossible, but to improve the taste of vegetable snacks are allowed to Supplement the herbs and red pepper. The vegetables can be replaced with fruits with low sugar content.
  • 7 day the most difficult, his diet consists of 500 grams green apples and 1 grapefruit.

Hard cabbage soup diet for the loss of 5-7 kg

eating for weight loss

When you need guaranteed to lose weight in a week to 10 kg, the diet, the diet that is the cabbage, will be the best choice. If we adhere strictly to the diet, you can lose 5 to 10 pounds overweight. The secret of effectiveness lies in the low-calorie vegetable that is available in 100 grams of product contains not more than 20 calories.

  • Breakfast: a Cup of natural coffee without sugar or a glass of unsweetened green tea preferably should be brewed tea and not tea bags.
  • Lunch: Salad from fresh cabbage and shredded carrots, dressed with flax or olive oil, no added salt. To compensate for the lack of protein you can eat a small piece of fish, chicken or beef. Of course, the meat should be cooked without salt and other additives.
  • Dinner consists of cabbage-carrot salad, but this time you can add a green Apple and one quail egg or a protein from one eggs.

For a couple of hours before bedtime should drink a glass of warm kefir – this will prevent evening hunger and improve digestion.

Seven-day diet yogurt with cucumber

Listing effective diet, not to mention the yogurt with cucumber. These two low-calorie product known for its effectiveness in weight loss, joined in tandem, leaving no chance of body fat. The result of a week of kefir cucumber diet – minus 5-6 pounds overweight. However, this effective method is not for everyone. To abandon it would have people engaged in intense physical labor, as well as those who are often faced with indigestion.

The diet of each of the seven days consists of a kilo of cucumbers, a liter of kefir and 100 grams of lean fish steamed. The fish needed to compensate for the squirrel, some days it can be replaced with a single boiled egg.

Diet menu includes 6 meals, each of which use easy cold soup made with grated cucumber, yogurt and fresh herbs. Fish added to the standard servings during lunch. Be sure to drink water, is not prohibited one Cup of organic coffee or 2 cups of green tea without sugar.

Slimming homemade tomato juice

Diet for tomato juice, prepared at home, provides rapid weight loss due to intensive elimination from the body excess fluid and cleaning the bowel. This a good diet for losing weight that allows you to say goodbye to 10 extra pounds.

An additional effect is the complete elimination of salt, carbohydrates and fatty foods. Only for a seven-day diet you will need 21 kg of fresh tomatoes daily will need to prepare the juice at home from 3 kg of ripe tomatoes. In addition to the juice, the menu should include vegetables, fruits and herbs, choose them in accordance with the ordinal day of the diet. The total weight of the fruit and vegetable additives – not more than 1 kg.

  • First day: any cabbage, radishes, or watercress.
  • Second day: salad of peppers and lettuce.
  • Third day: green apples.
  • Fourth day: the exception is supposed to eat a piece of boiled chicken, weighing not more than 200 grams.
  • Fifth day: cucumbers, beets or carrots.
  • Sixth day: watermelon, melon or citrus.
  • On the final day as additives can be used only herbs.

It is important to know that even home-made tomato juice has contraindications, including renal disease, gout, gallstone disease, susceptibility to food allergies.

A colorful diet – lose weight in a color separation products

At first glance, this method seems strange, but it is based on the creators laid the effect of natural pigments on digestion and metabolism. The method is simple – every single day should choose foods of a certain color. Thus, for a week at home can lose 5 to 10 kg

  • Products of white color, the use of which is scheduled for the first day of the diet, improve digestion, but quite high in calories, so their number should be limited. This group includes: potato, protein, rice, bananas, cheese, white fish, chicken.
  • On the second day of the diet recommended to eat red foods rich in antioxidants: tomatoes, beans, berries, beets, bell peppers.
  • The third day passed under green, and its presence in fruits and vegetables indicates the presence of magnesium and potassium – the essential elements not only for weight loss but for overall health.
  • Bright orange day is aimed at the normalization of metabolism and replenishment of carotene. On the table can be pumpkin, carrots, mango, persimmon, sea buckthorn, red fish.
  • Purple pigments have a beneficial effect on the kidneys and the immune system. On the fifth day of the diet should include eggplant, cabbage, plums, blackberries, black currants.
  • Rich in vitamin C and vitamin a yellow foods improve metabolism, digestion and mood. The menu of the sixth day should be zucchini, pepper, pineapple, corn, honey, cheese.
  • Completes mixed diet cleansing day on the water.

Of course, this technique is attractive for its simplicity and abundance of food, additionally, it may be of interest to women originality. The strict limitations in the amount of food there – it is only important to maintain a reasonable proportion. However, to expect from a wholesome diet great results not worth it for a week, you can lose no more than 2-3 kg.

It is important to remember that excess weight is not always possible to remove with a self-chosen diets. Even if the most effective diet do not help, as soon as possible to seek the advice of a specialist.