Best exercise for weight loss

A strong desire to lose weight occurs not only in women but also in men. Someone is missing the harmony and confidence, and for some it is vital to restore health, to live a full, say, or a baby. But often the first thing that comes to mind is wanting to lose weight — strenuous diet to the incredible content, until a strong starvation.

workout for weight loss

But few people think — in addition to changing your daily diet, you need to take care of physical activity, and it does not have to buy expensive gym memberships, it is enough to study the complex of exercises for weight loss at home. Only if the right combination of proper diet and moderate physical activity can achieve the desired results. Let's try from today, from this moment to change their usual rhythm of life.

Where to start?

Exercise for weight loss — the first goal, they don't need to perform for the sake of statistics, everything has to go in the complex and a pleasure. With that mindset, you can achieve results — all you have to do at will and not through force. About what labour will say about diets. For starters try the following:

  • stop thinking and start acting;
  • eat often but in small portions, not strange — it works;
  • eliminate, finally, from the diet flour products, fatty and spicy foods;
  • eat the fun — if you still wanted bread or dumplings — eat health and don't beat yourself up. But do not overdo it;
  • start to do a little bit — let it be 10-15 minutes a day, and it is an achievement;
  • for sports you need a good mood — do not engage through the power;
  • every day increase the load;
  • drink more water, up to two liters;
  • you definitely need self-control.

All is very simple — right now, having read the article, go for a walk, go to the store or market, buy vegetables, fruit, olive oil, greens, nuts and a bar of dark chocolate to set the mood. No need to create the body additional stress, and so lacking in life, just gradually rebuild it on a Wellness path and then the mechanism starts the weight loss itself.

The inventory, which is useful in sports

To begin the path to weight loss is not enough to change your diet and to score a refrigerator useful products in your house should appear and the correct items. What you will need for daily exercise:

  • Mat or sleeping pad, comfortable for stretching exercises, for exercise toner press;
  • dumbbells, buy first easy-to 1-2 kg for women and 3-5 for men.
  • new sports clothing is very important for incentive and convenience;
  • Hoop, weighing 1-2 kg, not easier.

In the future, may need elastic tape, jump rope, exercise ball and other equipment, but the initial list will be sufficient. Also pay attention to the place where you are conducting or planning to conduct training. There has to be enough light, spacious, clean, must be able to ventilate the room. Do here every day housekeeping is also an additional burden on the body.

What exercises are suitable for home?

At home you can do all the exercises taught on the sports activities. We have gathered for you the best exercises for weight loss and some of the most important healthy habits for the body, after reaching their body will thank you.

So, the first and necessary habit — workout, without it is impossible to begin to engage. Do some bends, run in place, jump, stretch your arms and neck. The warm up should take at least 15 minutes. Now a set of lessons.

how to lose weight with exercise

Squats. Oh Yes, those simple, but many hated squats. But this is one of the effective exercises. Squat to right, so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. From the beginning to squat on the chair, repeat this exercise 10-15 times for one approach. Later, increase the load to 20-30 sit-UPS at a time.

Strap. The classic exercise to strengthen all muscle groups. Enough to put on the floor forearms parallel to each other and to lift the enclosure by the feet on the socks. To survive you need at least two and a half minutes. But it is to start, will gradually have to increase the run time.

The bridge. Lying on your back you need to stretch your hands and feet into the floor and lift the pelvis up high. These exercises should be at least 15-20.

Press. Another is not everyone's favorite, but very effective slimming classes. Lying on your back, lift your legs up. Alternately, not touching the floor, lower the legs down. Now put your hands behind your head, bend your legs at the knees, rest against the floor and lift the body.

By the way, one useful habit — training must take at least half an hour, so when you enter into a new life rhythm, take it for a rule.

To lose weight, it is important to engage with weights, they will increase the load and give your muscles tone. So, become straight, feet spread shoulder-width apart, dumbbells in hands, palms deployed to you. On the exhale, raise your hand to shoulder, inhale lower. Do this exercise alternately, at least 10-15 times on the arm.

Here again the proper habit and keep breathing, this will facilitate the exercise and you are so fast you will get tired.

Again, the problem with dumbbells is the bending of the arms in a horizontal position. Put two stools next to the sports bench. Lie on their back and fold the arms so that the elbows went below the hull. Exhale — join the hands behind, inhale, lower to starting position. Such movements are useful for strengthening the chest.

Classes for the back: your initial position is slightly bent at the knees legs apart at the width of the basin. The blades need to connect, straighten your back and slightly bend. In the hands of dumbbells, hands down. Exhale raise arms out to the side, inhale return to starting position.

These simple exercises for weight loss provided they are run on a daily basis can give results within a few weeks. Note that only in your complex should be a few exercises for each of the groups of muscles, and restorative sessions.

The final stage of training

This is important, because to complete the training necessary to properly using exercise workout. Again do tilt, shake hands, walk slowly in a circle, make a circular motion with the neck, straighten your shoulders, fold the blades, think about the plan for tomorrow. And it's an important question — when better to start charging what should be included in the complex that failed to do it today, but have to repeat tomorrow. Analyze the day. While you're thinking, sit in the Lotus position, hands down on knees, close eyes, concentrate and sit in silence for a few minutes. Now, slowly stand up and you can go in the shower. Charging over for today. Or do you want to repeat?

Mental attitude

exercise for weight loss

Exercise for weight loss at home include not only physical activity and proper nutrition, the more important emotional mood. Will not prevent classes from the field of anger management:

  • weight loss is not the goal, the goal is to be healthy, slim and happy, and to maintain this state constantly. Remind yourself about it;
  • make yourself minutes of relaxation just lie down on the floor or sofa, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the dark, try to enter yourself into a state of hypnosis;
  • visualize your desired outcome write down on paper the expected weight and other parameters, create a map of desires, where you draw yourself slim;
  • correctly formulate thoughts, use of the phrase "I lost weight/lost weight" "I am fit and healthy people" often use the words "health", "happiness", "harmony", "use", "target" and other words that will set the right mood;
  • use mobile apps for weight loss, they will remind you about classes, meals, and encouragement to different patterns and phrases.

It is also important to communicate with like minded people, who, through the exercise for weight loss, managed to reach the goal, managed to get back on the track of a healthy diet and lifestyle, do not lose this chance!