Diet for weight loss menu for a week

The best gift you can make yourself for the New year – not put off until tomorrow what you need to do today. So you have a super plan that you will be able to bring the body into perfect shape in just 21 days.

The first week

eating for weight loss

WH experts are unanimous: no more healthy and effective way to lose weight and to tighten the muscles than a combination of proper nutrition, physical activity and discipline.

And as miracle pill? Ask for it at the diseased kidneys of these unfortunate people, who believed in the power of drugs. Or maybe you just need a month to starve? Yeah, and become a nervous lady with a slow metabolism and only need body to store fat in any way, though of carrots. All with the prelude done. The time has gone.

Meal plan

Your task: not to abandon food in the name of harmony, and to build such a power system which will accelerate the metabolic processes in the body and help the body burn excess fat and build muscle.

The basis of the diet should be: chicken, Turkey, lean red meat + fish, avocado, olive oil + eggs and dairy products + fruits and vegetables + whole grains + organic spices and herbs + pure non-carbonated water.

Prohibited: all kinds of canned food + nonalcoholic beverages (including water) + alcohol + smoked, salted and fried products refined sugar, white flour + sources of caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate).


Try to eat more fresh, not exposed to thermal processing of vegetables and fruits; the most suitable method of cooking meat, fish and side dishes – baking and cooking.

Example menu

The main thing in the diet – variety! The suggested menu for each week – only examples of how to combine products. You can choose from three lists, meals and alternate them on your own, or come up with their own versions, taking into account the recommended calorie of each meal, or take a look at the "flat belly Day" and choose something tasty there.


  • 200 g of oatmeal with dried fruit; ⅔ Cup low-fat milk; fruit
  • or 2 whole grain toast; 30 g cheese; boiled egg; fruit
  • or 150-200 g of cottage cheese with honey; 30 g of nuts; a glass of fresh juice
  • Vegetable salad with dressing of lemon juice and olive oil; hot sandwich (whole grain bread, greens, chicken breast, soft cheese); fruit
  • or salad, porridge, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes and a dressing of honey and Dijon mustard; fruit
  • or a sandwich with whole grain bread, salmon, avocado and dill; natural yoghurt


  • Baked fish with vegetable salad
  • or whole wheat pasta with lean ground beef, garlic, parsley, tomatoes and dry herbs; herbal tea
  • or chicken without the skin; a side dish of baked vegetables (pumpkin, broccoli, onion with olive oil and seasonings), fresh tomato with 1 tbsp feta

The second week

Noticed that is annoying? No wonder, when you have to exercise hard and promote yourself with chocolate is not. Your salvation – in dairy products: they contain the amino acid tryptophan, which is required by your body for the synthesis of serotonin – the hormone of good mood.

If after 10 days of fighting stomach somehow not drawn, it makes sense to abandon all types of beans, cabbage, and dried fruit – these foods can cause bloating, flatulence that do not give you the opportunity to enjoy the first results.

Example menu

menus for weight loss


  • Omelet of two eggs; tomatoes; 30 g cheese; small baked Apple with honey and cinnamon
  • or a smoothie of banana, drinkable yogurt, and vanilla; roll with salmon, avocado and cucumber
  • or 200 g buckwheat porridge with quickly fried onions, carrots, bell pepper; natural yoghurt; fruit


  • 250 ml of soup with chicken and vegetables; salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and onions, seasoned with olive oil, and flax seeds
  • or salad with baked pumpkin, spinach, feta cheese and lemon-oil dressing; 2 rye bread with lean ham; fruit
  • or 250 g of couscous with roasted vegetables (carrots, onions, corn, green peas)


  • Pita with chopped beef, lettuce and a dressing of natural yoghurt with garlic and dill)
  • or steak with a side dish of fresh vegetables; baked Apple with honey and cinnamon
  • or 1 baked beets; 3, rye bread with soft goat cheese; 10 large olives


Don't give up on snacking – these low calorie meals are designed to maintain stable sugar levels in your blood and ensure that you do not eat anything you get at night. Ideal daily snack – fruit or berries, crackers with soft cheese, evening – milk products, fresh vegetables, salad.

How much can you eat at a time

To hunger is not driving your efforts, remember that a serving is:

  • 100-150 g of vegetables (size of your fist)
  • 150 ml of dairy products
  • 120 g of meat or fish (about palm size)
  • 1 tsp vegetable oil
  • 12 grapes
  • 1 Apple, banana, orange or pear
  • ½ Mango or grapefruit
  • ¼ Avocado

The third week

The success of the entire three-week program largely depends on how well you sleep. Try to improve the quality of your rest, at night listening to classical or jazz music: studies have proven that people who on the night enjoyed the melodies in the rhythm of 60-80 beats per minute, slept better.

Example menu


  • Pancakes with maple syrup; natural yoghurt; fruit
  • or warm sandwich with rye bread, lettuce, boiled egg and sliced grilled chicken breast; fruit
  • or 200 g muesli with milk and dried fruit; fresh figs; 30 g of hard cheese


  • Warm salad with quinoa, roasted vegetables, Turkey and cilantro; fruit
  • or broth with croutons and boiled egg; tomato with 50 g of mozzarella cheese under balsamic sauce
  • or fish fillet with vegetable salad; toast with peanut butter; fruit


to lose weight through diet
  • Wholemeal spaghetti with minced chicken and tomato sauce, garlic and parsley; vegetable salad
  • or roasted peppers stuffed with brown rice and ground beef, and 6 tomatoes with 1 tbsp of soft cheese and herbs
  • or fish fillet with rosemary and vegetables; natural yoghurt

By the way: Scientists from Sweden know exactly what kind of bread is more useful for those who want to squeeze sheath dress: rye. Experimentally proved that in 8 hours after a snack rye bread people feel less hungry than those who ate wheat.


Selection of desserts, you have now a small fruit berries and cottage cheese. But if they sprinkle cinnamon or vanilla, it is easy to fool the body, bored for the test. Cinnamon, by the way, and regulates the level of sugar in the blood, and therefore will not allow hunger to confuse your head.