Methods of weight loss

The woman attracts on with your life, emotions, fullness of texture, and not fineness of its volume...

Become slim is often fanatical-cherished desire of many women. Many of You have tried to lose weight using various diets and weight loss systems. Almost every woman may write a book about how to become slim. Agree? We women know so much about it, but still practically each of us, this topic remains problematic.

the essence of weight loss

I about weight know firsthand. Since childhood, I was pretty full girl so the school was not without ridicule. All this has increased the area of the... At the age of 15 I decided to lose weight. Diet weeks of complete fasting, the raw food diet... what I then did. And all this time I was constantly in a depressed, depressed. While dropping weight, indulging in all – it's stress. When the weight goes away, another begins to panic – how do you keep it in the right direction?

Methods of weight loss. Today I will not write about natural methods of weight loss: nutrition, sports, water... You know all this without me. I will talk about other methods of weight loss: psychological and energy. After all this and we start. Not with proper nutrition...

It all started when I fell in love. Yeah, plus fell so that the emotions jumped from the endorphins to adrenaline, and then together down into a hopeless depression.

During the year the love I lost 30 pounds!!! I was not just thin, I was too skinny.

From the joy of communion with the object of love I was shaking and no food in my mouth did not climb. Then on adrenaline I jumped, like a horse, forgetting when the last time he ate. Well, of course, getting into a terrible depression from the fighting, I had nothing to do but to cry.

What am I writing all this? I do not suggest You this method of weight loss. The point here is quite different. It's all in the emotions! That's what I want to talk about today.

Why we eat what we eat?

You all know that we consume much more food than our bodies need. We will be able to live by eating once or twice a day, small portions. Real physical hunger is a sign of modern man. The hunger that we feel is the hunger of the subtle body, our energetic shell. We can spend the whole day in the place of doing some thing, generally not spending physical energy, but at lunch you want to eat. Why?

The thing in the energy sector. Each product and each taste has its own energy. For example, sweet taste is soothing, the salt – concentrating, sharp – activates, gives a bitter tone and patience... as well as my personal energy has each product. In certain foods and soft feminine energy in the other male, one raise the prana, the other way around... when we want – this is an indicator that we lack a state. We lack a certain energy.

Methods of weight loss.Why women stress-eating sweet, and most men of salt? Because the woman unconsciously tries to relax and calm down ( this property of sweet taste), and the man trying to pull himself together and reinforce their strength (spicy and salty).

Digesting food, we connect with her energy, she fills us with the vibrations and our mental state changes. For example, there are situations when a certain life span were You addicted to any product ( he has given You the necessary energy), and then in one moment, You realized that you no longer want to eat it.

I remember I had a period when I ate the lemon peel. This coincided with a difficult astrological period. And I realized that this bitter taste on a subtle level gave me persistence and patience. I bought a kilo of lemons, clean peel and eat them with tea without sugar or honey. Everyone who saw it curve, and it was very tasty. But just a month later, when I finished this period of my life, I have completely lost the desire to eat the crust. For a long time, the friends brought in to tea 2 kilos of lemons, and I didn't know what to do with them. Though the jam boil!

We eat because we lack the emotions and what condition. Remember, please, what is the happiest day of Your life.

  • A lot of you ate this day?
  • You generally eat?

When we are filled with positive emotions we have no need for additional sources of energy, and therefore do not need to compensate for its lack with products.Why diets don't work?

proper weight loss

Usually exhausting diets help to lose weight only for a while. Slim body accumulates energy hunger and one day we're cutting it.

Here is what one of my friend who was sitting on a strict diet for six months: "One night I woke up and realized that I can't anymore... despite the fact that I have achieved great results, my body was quite slender. But even this fact couldn't keep me away. I'm in the middle of the night, started eating everything. I started with salads, swallowed all that was in the fridge, even ate all the candy out of the Christmas child gift. I ate and couldn't stop...".

This is not physical hunger, it is exhausted without certain energies, subtle body.

The physical body can endure hunger for a very long time and without any disruption, quietly back to eating. But the subtle body can not. Him every day we need certain condition and, if he does not give, then we begin to emotionally deteriorate, become Jumpy, nervous, irritable. Remember state, when sitting for long on a diet? In it there is absolutely no satisfaction and peace.

The key to a good figure in the first place is in our subtle body. When we get a lot of emotions — our energy body is saturated, and appetite is minimal. Moreover, emotions do not necessarily have to be positive, living emotions, in principle, fills the subtle body. If we live in sadness, not suppress it, it is also able to give food to thin body. As you know, not being able to live emotions, people just jammed.

Positive emotions have a special slimming effect.

I decided to conduct an experiment, and within a month every day planning something joyful for yourself: hike to SPA treatments, visits to a cosmetologist, visiting tone club, delicious tea in your favourite cafe, take a ride by car through the city and music, a Hammam, a bath with all sorts of women's stuff, shopping... the list was long. And I noticed that this month completely slipped off a few pounds, though on diets I do not sit for 4 years. I ate when I wanted, and the rest of the time tried to spend more time in an emotionally elated. Then the same effect I noticed her mother-in-law when we gave her the car. It literally melted in 3 sizes 1.5 months, as it gets a huge buzz from driving. She admitted that she does not want, she even forgets about it, especially when she must make some travel arrangements. And then I began to see this pattern a huge number of women.

In Your life there are also areas of "high" that You may not need more nourishment from food in which You are charged positive and happy. Find them in your life.

When we live in harmony with his nature, with his body – we do not focus on food, our changing tastes, changing interest in food. Changing our consciousness and we cease to want unhealthy foods.

For example, if we have something we repress ourselves, forced to do something they do not like, we are on an energetic level, we will aim for a more heavy, heavy food, with lower vibrations. It's chocolate, heavy grains, all sorts of semi-finished products, macaroni, noodles, mushrooms, etc. These products will give us a subtle effect survival, but physically will destroy us.

Conversely, when the energy rise , nobody will be able to shove a heavy meal because it will not match our vibrations. When we are good, we are satisfied, we prefer light food with a high vibration, to maintain such a state.

It is important to pay attention to the state of euphoria, after it parses the desire to eat. Why? Because it is a very strong stress for a thin body, and it is the law of balance begins to ground through food. Because of that joy and ease is good, but the euphoria is a sign of unpreparedness for the event, our body will try to balance our condition or using a heavy meal or through the rollback of depression. Be careful!

Holy men eat a handful of rice a day throughout life, not because they are so subdued his spirit, but because, being in contact with God, they are getting such deep emotion that the process of food for them is just a way to keep the physical body alive. We are not saints, but our energy body also requires emotions, deep States of joy, of sensuality! If we can only get them through food, our fate is sad...

Methods of weight loss. What do I suggest?

eating for weight loss

I suggest You conduct an experiment, and within 21 days to be in touch with their emotions and each day a little bit to do what You like! Write yourself a list of such lessons. Let each of them takes at least half an hour, what would You have time to saturate yourself with joy!

It is important to do what is good for women, and that "fine" for You personally! And Your list will an individual. Start to create your joyful life today, begin to feed your slim body with good emotions, not biscuits and chocolates.

  • Every day do something good for yourself. It is very important that part of this joy was connected with the body, as the body needs positive emotions. For example, SPA, massage, baths, wraps, sexual intimacy, sports, is very important that the body felt a joy, not a constant sense of guilt for your imperfections. Learn to be happy through the body, and it will cease to be an anchor of negative emotions. On the contrary, You will begin to love it and feel it.
  • Wear appropriate clothing during this time. In robes and cotton shorts, we can't feel your body! You must wear stylish clothes in various sizes, beautiful underwear, stockings... something that gives Your body a sense of appeal. For example, I do not wear pantyhose, ever. It is very uncomfortable, I feel isolated from his nature. For several years now, I wear stockings in the winter and fall. The feeling when I wear the stockings, very different, more free. Similarly, as in beautiful lingerie, there is a feeling of sensuality and sexuality. You can have your chips relative to their body, but they need to find.

Go from the destructive aspects of your life, work on your consciousness.

Our body screams at us about something, let's hear him! I know for myself, if I gain a few extra pounds is a clear indication that I recently stopped paying attention to please yourself, ceased to live and enjoy life. In these moments I thank my body for reminding me and starting to get in adequate energy status.

Methods of weight loss.Here is a list of things that increase our weight and it does not products:

  • The rejection of his nature in favor of the husband, the child, relatives, friends, colleagues;
  • When we do what we hate;
  • When we don't realize our predestination;
  • When we are stuck in the resentment for the past;
  • Grievances against men (often form a protective fat layer in the hips);
  • Fear of life, fear of not coping (forms a protective layer in the stomach as a shield from social impact);
  • When we refuse their desires;
  • When we refuse their way of life, while remaining in the comfort zone

So, if You feel that the cause of Your extra pounds deeper than just emotional dissatisfaction with life, deal with their fears and find the courage to live as You like, but not as much as expected, and not as usual! Go to your fears, because behind every fear is hidden a huge energy and strength.

Concentrate on your own desires and not on food. Beautiful figure is not a goal, it is a means to achieve something.

What? Think about what You want to achieve a good figure?Everything in our life, we do for certain conditions. We want to feel, to feel, to live...

And even a good figure necessary to us not for show, but for some very important feeling in this world.Try to concentrate on the conditions each day, and not on the figure, not in grams, not calories. Live a life full of joy, feelings, adventures, experiences. Where it is possible to mourn, something where you can have a little fun!

There is a great psychological technique of Gestalt therapy, it's called "what if...". This phrase is designed to return a psychological resource for dealing with the situation, and in terms of our figure, it also works and sounds so: "Live as if You already had the perfect one for You figure."

So imagine:You are at your perfect body, You are comfortable and easy, You feel attractive and desirable.

  • How else has Your life changed after you change the shapes?
  • Maybe You are better to treat yourself?
  • Have more time to devote to your body?
  • Become more to please yourself?
  • Maybe Your intimacy with her husband has become more sensitive?
  • Or You become more relaxed and calm?
proper nutrition

Trace these changes and start now to bring them into your life, without waiting for any indicator on the scales. Joy is a feeling, available in any body type and weight.