Exercise for weight loss laterally

Many girls are looking for some very effective exercises for the sides and thinking that you can lose weight just in the right place. However, it is proven that burn fat locally is impossible. Performing exercises at the sides, you only will train them and help them to look rather attractive.

Comprehensive slimming sides

exercise for weight loss

Exercise-any physical activity is what will help you to find harmony. But if you want quick results, you need a comprehensive approach.

If the problem is in a large amount of body fat – it is recommended to stick to a diet for weight loss sides. Best of all, if this diet you choose a regular proper nutrition is not to overeat, to choose a lighter vegetable side dishes, low-fat meat, sweet to eat just before lunch and limited, and of course to eat more vegetables and fruits.

Effective exercises for weight loss laterally

If you are seriously looking for what exercises you can remove the sides, surely you will a bit surprised. As mentioned above, it is impossible to burn fat locally, and if you lose weight then lose weight as a whole, starting with what is required by your Constitution (more often lose weight from the top down, starting with the chest). That's why an effective against the sides of the exercise is primarily aerobic exercise.

For effective weight loss you can run, jog or jump rope. In this case, note that to burn fat you should run at least 30 minutes and jumping rope – at least 20. If you will practice these effective techniques, you will lose weight fairly quickly.

What exercise to remove side?

Exercise for weight loss laterally in any case it is not necessary to use weights. It is best to practice the exercises, which by their principle of operation is somewhere between the stretching and core strength exercises. Doing exercises for the side muscles with the weights, you risk increasing the muscle volume and to further expand the waist. These exercises are suitable only for the men!

In the women's a set of exercises for removing the sides, you can include five simple exercises:

  1. Exercise 1. Feet wider than shoulders, hands up, blades is reduced. Bend one of the arms at the elbow and reach up to the side and slightly back. Repeat 2-3 times. Repeat for the other arm. Then do the same thing, but for both hands at the same time.
  2. Exercise 2. Feet wider than shoulders, one hand on belly, the other looking to the side. Smoothly turn in the direction of the hand that lies on her belly and drag in that direction, bending the leg on the same side to the knee. Repeat 3 times. Run in the other direction.
  3. Exercise 3. Feet wider than shoulders, body deployed to one of the legs. One hand at the top, the other at the bottom. Make a lunge, dropping the top hand in front of you, then lower your hand and the other on the contrary, raise. Perform the exercise at a slow pace, stretching forward 5 times for each side.
  4. Exercise 4. Feet wider than shoulders, right arm extended upwards, the left is arbitrary. Make a lunge to the side, squatting on the left leg, and drag towards the hand that is over your head. Run 3 times and repeat for the other side.
  5. Exercise 5. Feet wider than shoulders, arms extended vertically over head. Make a lunge to the side and tilt the torso with straight arms to bent leg. Ensure that the back was smooth. How should I stretch, try to stay in this position. Follow these three times for each side.
weight loss for sides

How to get rid of the sides, exercise in combination with running and diet provide excellent results. But if you want to see real change already in the first week, add to this a total of 30 minutes of the torsion wrap a day.