Proper nutrition for weight loss

Tired to sit on hunger diets that do not work? The solution is healthy meals for losing weight and maintaining harmony. Competent advice on weight reduction with no restrictions in food.

eating for weight loss

Any person with excess weight, at least once in life resorted to dieting. As promised by the numerous authors of these recommendations, in the short term, limiting themselves to a particular product, it's easy to get rid of fat in the right places very quickly. Most of these systems weight loss outright quackery and lose weight with their help it is unlikely, and those who work on the check are harmful to health.

The effect of this weight loss is short-term, at the end of the term, the dropped pounds come back with a vengeance. And well, if they are not joining a bunch of diseases, which gradually becomes chronic. You need to understand that any diet is a hot commodity that should be sold. The authors of these methods do not care deeply for the end result and your health. The guarantee can only be given proper nutrition for losing weight and staying in good shape.

Choose healthy foods

A system of proper nutrition is not a diet so menu diet includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats in required quantities. Special restrictions also not provided, but since we are talking about healthy eating, objectively harmful products will have to exclude or significantly limit.

Unwanted include:

  • Smoked delicacies, meat and fish;
  • Canned foods, particularly vegetables;
  • Fatty meats (pork, lamb);
  • Ready-prepared foods;
  • Salted nuts and potato chips;
  • Store-bought sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.);
  • Fried foods;
  • Sweet pastries;
  • Crab sticks;
  • Confectionery;
  • Packaged juices;
  • Ready desserts.

It is not recommended to eat any fast food. Applies to them even oatmeal bags.

Excess salt, sweeteners, colors, flavors will not benefit your health. From buying grilled chicken too best to refuse, as thus prepared, the carcass is literally saturated with harmful fats.

The number of different meat products in the diet: sausage, ham, frankfurters, sausages, it is better to minimize. They contain a huge amount of "chemistry" and fat. In addition, most manufacturers add to their products are not the most useful fillers.

Therefore, it is impossible to determine what you actually eat. In addition, hot dogs and sausages a lot of salt, even if there is a need to eat a piece of "doctor", it is better to boil.

Vegetables and fruits should be logged in the daily menu is necessary. They contained fiber, vitamins and minerals provide the body with all necessary. The most useful are seasonal vegetables and fruits that grow in your area.

Terms of use, the Apple from the branch is much better exotic mango or bananas, and carrots or beets avocados. A healthy menu should contain at least 300 grams of vegetables and as much unsweetened fruit.

Whole grains and legumes contain, besides starch and fiber, important minerals such as iron, magnesium, folic acid, selenium, potassium. They contain vitamins have a beneficial effect on the immune and nervous system. Products which have undergone minimal processing, such as brown rice or bread from wheat flour is much more useful than their "brothers".

Simple carbohydrates, which include sugar and honey, best eaten in limited quantities as a special benefit to the body. For this reason, should not be abused and dried fruits. Unlike fresh fruits, they contain large amounts of fructose. Therefore, it is better to eat them individually as a snack.

Where to find healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates?


There are three types of carbs: sugar, fiber, starch. The former include fructose, lactose and sucrose. They are in dairy products, vegetables, fruits.

Starch — complex or slowly digested carbohydrates from cereals, legumes, cereal and vegetable crops. Fiber belongs to the category of bad carbohydrates. It is necessary for good digestive tract. There is in vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals.

how to eat

Simple carbohydrates or sugars are rapidly broken down by the body, increasing the level of glucose in the blood. They give a burst of energy, so essential in severe physical or mental stress. However, after rise followed by decline. Sugar level decreases the feeling of hunger and, as a result, people overeat.

An excess of simple carbohydrates is deposited in fat. Healthy proper nutrition involves the consumption of sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, ordinary person needs from 150 to 400 units.

Sources of healthy carbs are:

  • Cereals (buckwheat, millet, rice);
  • Pasta of durum wheat;
  • Vegetables, in particular potatoes;
  • Soybeans, peas, beans;
  • Fruits and berries;
  • Melons.


Fats — an important component of a balanced menu. They provide not only the beauty of skin, hair and nails, but also the health of our cardiovascular system. Healthy fats are contained in vegetable oils, nuts, olives, sunflower seeds.

As a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids are some fish varieties (mackerel, salmon, herring, tuna). A sufficient amount of the correct fats in the diet weight loss is the prevention of heart attack, atherosclerosis, and even cancer.

Daily intake of foods containing fats:

  • Seeds, nuts — 30 g;
  • Vegetable oil — 2 teaspoons;
  • Oily fish — 150 g (2 times a week);
  • Flax seeds — 2 tsp;
  • Olives or black olives — 5 pieces;

The latter should be consumed often. To us, these fruits come in canned form, so contain a lot of salt. We should not forget that products that burn fat are high in calories, so consume them uncontrollably fail. Proper nutrition involves the consumption of 30 g fat per day.


Protein is the main material to build muscles, nerve fibers. He is actively involved in the process of metabolism. Without amino acids in the food supply which is a protein, the process of healthy weight loss impossible. And it is not just cosmetic problems, although wrinkles and sagging skin is also a little surprise for someone. However, excess protein is also not good for you. The right amount of protein is calculated by multiplying body mass by a factor of 0.5. While someone loses weight doing calculation based on the desired weight.

Sources digestible complete protein are:

  • White meat (chicken, Turkey, rabbit);
  • Offal (tongue, liver, lungs);
  • Fish low-fat varieties;
  • Chicken eggs and quail;
  • Cheese and curd;
  • Sour cream 10% fat;
  • Milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk;
  • Legumes and soybeans, mushrooms.

Nutritionists recommend to make a healthy diet weight loss, based on the following proportions: 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 20% fat.

Tip: a Glass of warm water with lemon juice, drunk before Breakfast is a great way to start the body's metabolic processes.

What is the role of vitamins in weight loss?

Disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, lead is absorbed by the food is poorly digested and partially deposited in fat depots. Vitamins regulate the proper functioning of the digestive enzymes, preventing unwanted processes. The lack of necessary substances to the body reacts to the hunger.

Ascorbic acid and the b vitamins are involved In the reactions of metabolism. In their deficiency the process of using fat for energy production stops. The person becomes apathetic, lethargic, there is a weakness, a distraction. A deficiency of these vitamins in the diet leads to a decrease in General immunity. Ascorbic acid is found in vegetables, fruits and herbs, so any problems with her lack of losing weight does not occur. But the b vitamins are in short supply, because many people, watching weight, refuse bread and yeast baking.

Tocopherol (vitamin E) is particularly important for women because it is involved in the production of the hormone estrogen. Its deficiency leads to failure of the hormonal system and, consequently, to weight gain. Moreover, the vitamin E being a natural antioxidant, is responsible for the beauty, longevity and youthfulness of the skin.

Vitamins A, E and D in combination, help the body absorb minerals, which, in turn, regulate the pancreas. For example, zinc reduces appetite, chromium reduces cravings for sweets, manganese cleanses the intestines from slags formed. During weight loss, this process is particularly active.


Calcium is responsible for strength of muscles and bone, and facilitates the efficient processing of lipids. Magnesium stimulates all muscles, including the heart.

Deficiency in diet of one or more components leads not only to cosmetic problems, but also to more serious impairments. Regular intake of high quality vitamin complexes that contain all the necessary, help not only to gain the desired harmony, but also to preserve the beauty and health.

Designer menu for weight loss

A healthy, proper diet weight loss it is not difficult, if you approach the process intelligently. To the right foods always at hand, you need to make a menu for the week and buy everything you need. "Harm" remove from the refrigerator, to avoid unnecessary temptations.

As we have repeatedly said, a proper diet doesn't limit you to a rigid framework. Therefore, to give here the list of dishes according to the days of the week, we will not, but just imagine the possible options, from which you will make weekly menu for weight loss.


Breakfast should consist of protein products and slow acting carbohydrate food.

Our task is to shake the metabolism, charge the body with vigor and to keep the feeling of satiety until lunch.

Useful options of Breakfast:

  1. Steam scrambled eggs and vegetable cutting;
  2. Pasta of durum wheat with cheese (100 g/30 g);
  3. Cottage cheese with berries and a spoon of honey;
  4. Two boiled eggs with vegetable salad;
  5. Oatmeal and fruit salad (kiwi, Apple, pear, Mandarin and a little maple syrup);
  6. Cauliflower baked in an egg;
  7. Pita with chicken breast (50 grams), tomato, lettuce, and homemade mayonnaise.

Drink choose to your taste, accustomed to coffee, tea, unsweetened juice, vegetable juice, milk.


Lunch, according to nutritionists, should always include a soup, a full dish and even dessert. And

sweet should be consumed immediately after a meal, the blood sugar remained stable.

Potatoes in the first dish better not to put. Preparing the soup with meat, chicken or fish broth. While before cooking, remove excess fat, if necessary. Meat or fish with soup good for second courses.

What you can apply for lunch:

  1. Soup meat, boiled beef, rice, salad. For dessert candy 1 thing;
  2. Soup with meatballs chicken and noodles, Greek salad, half of a grapefruit with cinnamon;
  3. Ear in Finnish, fish with a side dish of boiled potatoes slices, vegetable platter (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers), kiwi 1 thing;
  4. Mushroom noodles, chop chicken breast, green beans, tomatoes, half of marshmallow;
  5. Soup vegetarian, chicken meatballs with pasta, radish salad and green onion, grapes ½ Cup;
  6. The pea soup without potatoes, beef Stroganoff with buckwheat, green salad with cherry tomatoes, half a pear;
  7. Vegetable soup, steamed green beans, rice, chicken patties (100 g) steam.

Options meal weight, here are just examples, as an illustration of the proper preparation of a healthy menu. It is not necessary to consume all the meals, it is best to divide lunch into two meals. The soup you can eat for lunch, and the second and dessert in 3.5 hours. Then before dinner can easily get the without hunger cramps in his stomach.


In the evening the body does not need energy as carbohydrates, but the process of "building" cells occur just during sleep. So

those who adhere to correct food for dinner is recommended to eat protein foods.

For successful learning you need some amount of fiber. Thus, your ideal dinner, for a slim figure is vegetables, herbs and a protein dish (meat, fish, cheese).

Options for the evening meal:

  1. Chicken breast and braised cabbage;
  2. Fish baked with tomatoes, onions and herbs;
  3. Boiled fish with a side dish of beans;
  4. Cheese (150 g) with greens and cucumber;
  5. Fish soup with vegetables (without potatoes);
  6. Roasted rabbit with tomato salad;
  7. Fish or chicken a couple of burgers with a side dish of asparagus;
  8. Chops Turkey cooked on the grill, cucumber salad and greens.

Snacking 2 times per day: fruits not more than 150 grams, a handful of almonds (5-7 pieces), natural yoghurt, berries. To each meal add 3 slices whole-wheat bread, weighing 40 g each. 30 minutes before bedtime can drink a glass of buttermilk.

menus for weight loss

To determine the optimal ratio of products, which are used during lunch or dinner, Finnish nutritionists invented a simple method and it is called "the plate model". Proper nutrition is the following. Mentally divide your plate in half: one half is vegetables (raw, boiled or stewed), and the second will be about equally proteins and carbohydrates, eat meat or fish, side dish (pasta, cereals).

Tip: to avoid disruption of food allows simple reception. Periodically perform a "day of gluttony", eating the right foods. Of course, eat a box of chocolates or a cake is not entirely necessary, but to exceed the norm by 500-600 kcal is quite acceptable.