How to lose weight fast: 5 steps to losing weight a week

ways to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast? The fitness trainer knows the answer. She runs her own weight loss program and does not refuse interviews. According to experts, if you need to lose weight dramatically, you can use this seven-day weight loss plan. Guaranteed less than five pounds a week.

It happens that you need to lose weight urgently. For example, before an important event, taking a photo or going to sea. At this point I just want to ask, “how to lose weight fast? ” And here it is important to remember that fast weight loss is stressful for the body. Therefore, you must approach it carefully.

According to the coach, it is naive to believe that in just a week you can make your body burn five pounds of pure fat. A calorie deficit with dietary restrictions will, of course, require the body to throw some of the fat into the fireplace. But not only will this be reflected by the numbers on the scales.

Along with fat, the body will get rid of excess water and part of the intestines. This diet will not lead to long-term weight loss. But it will give momentum to weight loss and will allow you to see the first result quickly. And he is, as you know, important because he gives strong motivation.

How to lose weight fast - the main steps in the diet

Step 1. Eat less carbs and more protein.

A low carb diet is the most effective way to lose weight. Even a weekly cut of carbs will force the body to shed excess water. And the first results can be seen as early as the next morning after a complete rejection of carbohydrate foods.

Avoid sugar and starchy foods (potatoes, pasta, rice, bread) for a week. Increase your intake of fish, meat and eggs. Increasing protein in the diet suppresses appetite and speeds up metabolism, forcing the body to lose weight.

2. step: Select whole foods.

That is, those that have not undergone industrial processing. Whole food is a piece of meat, fish, eggs, any vegetables, fruits or berries. Recycled food is everything you buy at the store in a package. Whole foods are always more satisfying than processed foods. They do not contain added sugars and salts that make the body fat.

Step 3. Reduce your calorie intake.

To lose weight and lose fat, you need to burn more calories than you get from food. It is impossible to lose weight fast if you do not limit your diet. Reduce the portion size by at least one third. Eat only during main meals and skip snacks, especially before bed. Eliminate all sauces and spices from your diet (they increase appetite).

Choose low-fat proteins (low-fat meat and fish). And fill your plate with fresh vegetables. Stop getting calories from drinks - drink water or tea and coffee without sugar.

How to lose weight dramatically - physical activity

Step 4. Train.

weight loss exercise

There are no magic pills used by your body to burn fat. But it can be an exercise. Strength training and interval training literally eat away at fat and increase the amount of muscle tissue that continues to feed on fat.

To lose weight dramatically, you need:

  • weight lifting - strength training maintains a high metabolic rate while losing weight and helps build muscle;
  • Exercise high-intensity interval training - 5-10 minutes of this workout is just as effective in reducing excess weight as daily fitness for 50-60 minutes.

Just train to the limit three or four times a week for 10 minutes. This can be running on the spot, sprinting outdoors or exercising on a stationary bike.

Select a training method:

  • 7 series of 30 second sprints with 60 second rest;
  • 10 sets of 20-second sprints with 40-second breaks;
  • 15 sets of 15-second sprints with 30-second breaks

Step 5. Be active outside the gym

People who do physical work burn a thousand more calories a day than those who work in an office. Even if your job requires you to sit at your computer all the time, try to move more. Walk, walk up the stairs, walk after work. Even getting up or cleaning the apartment every night will burn significantly more calories.

And a nice answer to the question how to lose weight fast? Drink coffee. It is a healthy source of caffeine that helps you burn more fat and expels excess water from the body. By following these recommendations, you can get rid of five pounds of excess in just one week. And start fighting overweight reliably.